How to go to Chinese tourism e-commerce

global tourism and travel industry’s leading forum organization headquartered in London of the world tourism and Travel Council published "2011-2021 tourism economic impact report" Research Report in 2011 that the tourism industry is very optimistic about the prospects China, China travel industry for the direct economic contribution equivalent to 2.5% of GDP. In the next 10 years, the growth rate is expected to increase to 9% per year, to $2021, the direct contribution of GDP will reach $2.7%. On the whole, the contribution of tourism to China’s GDP is 8.6%, and by 2021 this proportion will rise to 9.2%. From the employment, including the relevant support sector employment, the total number will rise from 65 million to the current population of 83 million. Cooper, director of the Oxford Institute of economics, who led the study, said the Chinese government has made tourism one of the five pillar industries in the grand strategy, which is really exciting. So it is obvious that the China government tourism as an important sector, can contribute to the economic development, which includes the development, especially the development of infrastructure and services to support the domestic tourism industry, Chinese residents can increase the type of holiday. With the support of the Chinese government, China’s tourism industry will develop better and become a pillar industry of the national economy.

China online travel also has good market prospects but differ with the actual industry; by September 14, 2011, Chinese Tourism Research Institute, Sohu in association with the travel channel "China tourism electronic commerce development report" academic conference held in beijing. From CYTS,, where to network, HNA tourism, tour network tourism industry representatives were invited to attend, and a seminar on the development of tourism e-commerce Chinese. Report research results show that in 2010 China’s tourism e-commerce (based on the Internet platform for online travel transactions) market size reached 200 billion yuan, accounting for nearly half of the total tourism revenue share. With the continuous expansion of the tourism market and the wide application of information technology, different types and different modes of tourism e-commerce can develop rapidly. From the current trend, although the tourism e-commerce shows signs of monopolistic competition in the local area, but overall, the mature stage of the market has not yet entered the competition and competition of the hierarchical classification, and more embodies the penetration of traditional tourism market share.

is optimistic about the development of China’s travel agency industry compared with the optimistic data and the market prospect. According to the HC mechanism to the international competitiveness of industry experts, Harvard University professor Potter’s theory of competitive advantage, international competitiveness analysis of China’s travel industry: China is rich in tourism resources, provides a natural advantage to develop unique and rich tourism resources for the travel industry, 20 years of rapid development Chinese tourism. The travel agency also promotes the growth and maturity, but the overall international competitiveness of China’s travel agency is still very weak. At present, I have a large travel agency industry

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