Housekeeping O2O N key points around aunt Wars

O2O e, domestic home cleaning has not reached the ideal state, the boss was cleaning aunt Yuntao signing is not enough.

in the fight from the fight to fight the number of people in the field, who is aunt control, who will be able to grasp the market. This is why 58 home in the self operating home business, even if the back of the city has not been able to shake the home of, such as the reasons for the vertical company such as E.


The following is

billion state power network and e house cleaning CEO Yuntao chatting content arrangement, a large amount of information, need careful reading:

aunt number determines the radius of the city service

at present, the number of e home cleaning aunt 2000-3000 people, aunt two or three single day. Monday to Wednesday, about two per person per day, Thursday and Friday will be to the three to four single. Daily order 5000-6000 single.

E home cleaning feeling now is not at ease, but when access to the home, Beauty Group reviews at home, in the face of more wide area traffic, how to achieve full coverage of the service radius. In Yuntao view, when a single city can carry up to 10000 single daily orders, basically can freely transfer. This indicator is a reference drops taxi operating data in Beijing in the past, to achieve this data, the basic guarantee that users in Beijing where the single, you can make an appointment to aunt.

so, the recruitment of more aunt, is the first to expand the site. (Yun Tao told billion state power network, the next important logic is: recruit more aunt, do business training, get more traffic, the three order


aunt is characterized by a high rate of job hopping is not so high. Aunt itself is a woman, and on behalf of the driver is not the same. E generation of driving the driver heard that drops have to do on behalf of driving, very happy. The mentality is to eat the pot, looking at the bowl. Aunt mentality is more practical, will be more satisfied with the feeling. Usually an aunt to do three or four single day, basically saturated. Do not earn five thousand or six thousand, just thinking about earning ten thousand.

is the standard from my aunt


Yuntao Ersanshiwan aunt said, in the traditional domestic market, but this kind of part-time aunt hand itself is difficult to get customers to dig, is of no use. She will not accept the platform, on the contrary will be the platform of the customer into their own, and then off the platform.

At present,

so, e home cleaning strategy is to find my aunt to join, from the entry to the training, all by e to complete the home cleaning. Aunt belonging and high dependence.

of course, such a small number of aunt market, so we are in competition. Who will find, who will have the advantage.

E home to do something to have a sense of belonging, such as aunt’s holiday, the formation of the aunt, the teacher and aunt often do emotional dredge ah, aunt loyalty to the platform will be high.


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