The United States crafts electricity supplier Etsy first announced earnings net expansion

sina science and technology news Beijing time on August 5th morning news, the U.S. arts and crafts electricity supplier Etsy today announced the IPO (initial public offering) since the listing of the first quarterly earnings. The report shows that Etsy second quarter net loss of $6 million 400 thousand, compared with the same period last year narrowed. Etsy second quarter earnings failed to meet Wall Street expectations, leading to its after hours stock price plummeted nearly 14%.

in the quarter, net loss was $6 million 400 thousand Etsy, loss of 7 cents per share, compared to a net loss last year was $3 million 200 thousand, a loss per share of 8 cents. Financial information provider FactSet survey, analysts had expected an average Etsy loss of 6 cents per share in the second quarter. Etsy second quarter revenue of $61 million 400 thousand, exceeding analysts had expected. Financial information provider FactSet survey, analysts had expected Etsy second quarter revenue of $59 million 600 thousand.

Etsy said that as of the end of the second quarter, the company has nearly 1 million 500 thousand active sellers and 21 million 700 thousand active buyers.

Etsy said the company’s second quarter results from exchange rate changes brought about by the positive impact of $5 million 800 thousand, the reason is that the company "modified" on the global structure of the enterprise, and restructuring related but was partially offset by $4 million 900 thousand in tax reserve.

Etsy expects changes in the third quarter will have a negative impact on the total sales of its goods, and said it plans to improve marketing and employment related expenses. The company also said it expects its Promoted Listings business revenue growth will be in the end of the third quarter before the slowdown".

the same day, Etsy shares fell $1.27 in regular trading on Nasdaq, to close at $19.23, down 6.20%. In the ensuing at 16:43 U.S. Eastern time (Beijing time 5 4:43) until after the transaction, Etsy shares fell another $2.69 to $16.55, a decline of 13.94%. Over the past 52 weeks, the highest price of Etsy $35.74, the lowest price of $12.80. (Tang Feng)

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