South Beauty O2O exploration drive line optimization service line

2010, with the rise of buying and mobile Internet gradually warming, the food and beverage industry in the Internet offensive is also gradually moving towards the end of the network integration. South Beauty in early 2012 formally decided to move closer to the internet. At present, South Beauty has 74 stores in China, covering 22 provinces, 15 city. South Beauty is what has been done in two years of hard work in



1, buy

is a network of South Beauty Group purchase earlier O2O try. In March 2012, South Beauty settled Wo Wo Group, for the first time to try online users drainage line store. After a period of time after the experiment, found that although drainage of South Beauty Group purchase, but can not solve the conflict with the line service, such as service ability easily out of touch with the influx of people. So in the later stage, just as a useful supplement to the New South Beauty Group purchase promotion and research on. South Beauty senior marketing director Zhao Xigang said in an interview: "we have a year of group purchase revenue of 70 million yuan, but the South Beauty annual revenues of more than about 1000000000 yuan, 70 million yuan less than 10%. From the resources, we do not have too much of the group purchase group purchase is inclined, the new product on the line experience, the threshold is relatively low, can make a large number of customers to eat. Then we can see the 80% group purchase reputation, not South Beauty of the target customers, but can transfer experience."

2, micro-blog

Open the micro-blog

is a step in the first network of South Beauty, because the operation is relatively light. At first, South Beauty in the micro-blog operation also made a few detours, such as not to focus on local services.

March 2011, Sina micro-blog launched LBS check-in service, at the beginning of this year, South Beauty in cooperation with sina, micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog settled check-in service, you can create a POI for beauty in different parts of the country store (Point of Interest Page page, with points of interest) show South Beauty of a store of information. Such as recommended food, discount information, etc., if the user’s micro-blog friends signed in the store, the user can see. However, with the continued decline in Sina micro-blog active users and the impact of WeChat, micro-blog’s cooperation can not last long.

3, APP

South Beauty also try to launch its own mobile phone APP, but in the "China South Beauty" launched soon found that compared with the APP platform, it is difficult to stick to the user. Zhao Xigang stressed that the effect of APP is limited, because there will not be many people really want to download a separate independent restaurant APP. Some commentators have also said that the promotion of APP and get new users through APP, old stick users operating long-term investment needs, and compared to the public comment this APP, a separate dining room and there is no long-term demand for APP. Therefore, APP try to come to an end, but also to the food and beverage companies hit a bell.

4, WeChat


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