am interested in travel overseas to push the car, fun travel O2O


billion euros with outbound hot, focus on outbound OTA in the field of game player is also more and more like a million European network had previously reported the sea playing net, net interest me, QiongYou, recently learned billion euros net focus on travel overseas tourism destination and tourism to take my interest. The network launched the "I am interested in car service.

in recent years, with the online travel market is becoming more and more vertical subdivision, holiday travel has become the fastest growing segment of the market transaction scale segments, which outbound travel exceptionally hot. According to the National Tourism Administration of China Tourism Statistics Bulletin shows that since 2002, the number of outbound tourists from mainland residents to maintain a CAGR of 17%. By 2014, the first time exceeded 100 million, reaching 109 million passengers. According to the World Tourism Organization predicts that by 2020, China’s outbound travel trips will reach 250 million passengers, becoming the world’s fourth largest tourist source country.

with outbound hot, focus on outbound OTA in the field of game player is also more and more, million European network previously reported a lot, like the sea, play, play network transit byson travel network, I am interested in poor travel network, however, each entry point of business are not the same. Recently, learned billion euros net focus on offshore travel destinations and tourism to take my interest travel network launched the "I am interested in car service.

I am interested in travel in the previous billion euros net "in 2014 ten online travel financing event" in an article briefly introduced, starting from the US tour, dedicated to open information asymmetry of the tourism market, up to now has completed two rounds of financing, is a large domestic and overseas destination travel products of supermarket.

million European network learned that I was interested in the first U.S. tour market, based on two reasons:

the United States, "more people, more wide" market growth;

the United States has diverse forms of tourism, the United States to do fine products, to explore a set of standardized model, it is easy to copy the model to other countries to use the destination.

Huang Zhiwen, founder of

, said that I would like to travel to the United States as a starting point for self-service travel, in order to replicate the pattern in the future. The United States is a vast country, the industrial chain is very complex, with the world’s largest cruise market and Casino, there is a very good car rental, there are national parks, such as Hawaii island.

to do subtraction on the destination, add

in the product and service

Huang Zhiwen entrepreneurial strategy is to do subtraction on the destination, in addition to products and services. Which products do addition, I am interested in travel has been implemented across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and other 24 long-term destination, hotel, car, car, shuttle service, overseas offered, local play, visas, insurance, phone cards, portable WiFi as one of the tours / semi Buffet travel system. How to do addition on the service, Huang Zhiwen has been thinking about the problem, Huang Zhiwen said that the purpose of self-help travel products is to solve the self-help Tour guests eat, live abroad

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