The majority of insured courier insurance fee limit but million only in the internal circulation

reporter Sun Chaoyi intern Lu Chang

mobile phone, mobile phone newspaper, Jin Tiaocheng brick computer take wings to itself, reduced to fragments…… The explosive development of online shopping so that the courier industry has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Before the face of courier items "highest pay 5 times the price of freight" rules, consumers often encounter similar situations of bitter herbs. In March 1st this year, the "measures" express market management formally implemented, including detailed provisions for the insured services, not only requires the courier companies must provide insured services, several times the provisions on compensation are no longer limited to the shipping, but the implementation of the "according to the insured amount of compensation" of a claim.

However, the reporter recently interviewed

Shen Tong, rhyme, in the pass, SF, EMS, Huitong, Zhaijisong and many other courier companies, courier companies for the insured not only have the highest price limit, but not fully implemented a claim. More important is the courier companies charge the insurance fee not all to the insurance companies, the majority of enterprises as "liquidity" in the internal circulation.

Most of

express insured limit but


, I bought this computer 15 thousand yuan, courier companies only to protect some $5 thousand, up to $10 thousand, which I can promise." The day before, the home Haidian Zang bought apple a price of 14800 yuan, ready to open the studio in the home of relatives. I would like to send back home by courier, but several different courier company courier came to the house, the new computer is not to buy a car to send out. The problem lies in the price, Mr. Zang several times to fill out the express list, but the courier at the price column fill is 15 thousand yuan, immediately changed face, refused orders. The courier have said that 15 thousand yuan has exceeded the maximum amount of insurance company can accept, Zang himself down or the insured amount, or simply not insured.

How much is the insured amount limit of

express company telephone service? The reporter has dialed Shen Tong, rhyme, in the pass, SF, EMS, Huitong, Zhaijisong and many other domestic well-known courier companies, of which the insured ZJS limit is only 5000 yuan, Huitong, in the pass, the highest pass round the insured amount of Ordinary Express, Shen Tong to 10 thousand yuan, EMS express maximum insured amount can reach 20 thousand yuan.


insured the maximum limit in the actual implementation will play on a discount. "In fact, the general price higher than 3000 yuan, we will be cautious orders, goods firm fortunately, we certainly don’t take mobile phone, computer, if this kind of fragile jade." Express a courier said. A courier SF express also said that the price of more than 5000 yuan, the user will be in "damaged." column signature. Once the customer signed, lost courier, courier companies can compensate, but if damaged, courier companies are not responsible for.

most of the insurance fee in the enterprise internal circulation

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