The Tencent or will become the first network bank coins issued for ten years and over 100 billion

is now the Tencent has news, a trend which cannot be halted, after the establishment of the first network of insurance company and Ping An Tencent and Alibaba, or will become the first Internet bank, QQ world internet currency coins, may become a reality of the settlement tools. Friends joked: once the full coinage machine, the Tencent will become the most profitable company in the world.

heard from friends close to regulators, the news, Tencent network bank or will be located in Shenzhen. Tencent can be able to stand out in many Internet banking applications, mainly due to its registered in Qianhai, as well as its advantages in the customer system, technology and finance. In fact, in September last year, the Tencent to apply for bank network news spread like wildfire, Guangdong has three enterprises selected finalists, and has been submitted to the CBRC, it is one of three private Tencent Inc.

, WeChat, QQ, game, now people’s life has been so Tencent and Tencent are closely related, do Internet Banking after the news came out, many hot friends, "the Tencent bank is Q coins to settlement? What is the interest rate?" "means the new currency will rise Q coins?" also have friends joked Tencent, once the full machine that he immediately made coins, will become the most profitable company in the world.

it is worth noting that the Tencent has the country’s most popular virtual currency coins, has been implemented for more than 10 years of history, initially mainly used to buy virtual products and services, the user with the RMB account recharge Q coins, the annual transaction amount up to billions of yuan, annual circulation of 15% to 25% growth rate at. Tencent cloud platform general manager Chen Lei recently said that the vast majority of Tencent income is obtained through Q channels, channel q is the core and the largest, in contrast, caifutong payment channel margin.

Tencent for nearly ten years of earnings, the Tencent from the Internet value-added services revenue totaled 123 billion 500 million, and most of this is accomplished by coins, that is to say, these ten years, the total amount of coins issued by Tencent, has more than one hundred billion.


analysis, considering the widespread use of coins and circulation, and have basic identity in the network world and the reality, Q coins act as the equivalent of virtual currency, Tencent to carry out Internet banking, the central bank must strengthen the supervision and restriction on its use, to prevent the enterprise beyond the range of Q coins. Previously, the national four ministries have issued a document, the user will stop online Q coins and other virtual currency to rmb.

coincidentally, the Tencent began to rectify the abuse and fraud in recent Q.

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