Ali hit a single brush again big move first return logistics company list exposure

it is understood that Ali against a single brush again before the big move, announced to lay off a number of logistics companies, including China Railway Express, Shenzhen speed Haier Logistics enterprises.

Ali, a group of repaying the logistics company


announcement shows that in order to enhance the consumer experience, improve the logistics information data, put an end to speculation platform letter behavior, Ali and Ali will lay off without docking logistics company information.

the first batch of repaying the logistics company list is as follows:

Shenzhen Huaqiang logistics company

1China Railway Express


3 State Express

4 gain logistics

5 Dongguan Haotong express

6 Yamato Transport Co.,

7 Shanghai Yi

8 Shenzhen speed

9 Guangzhou Yu express

10 Dongguan Xinfeng logistics

11 Beijing Tat Logistics Co. Ltd.

it is understood that the sellers can "buy space to sell" the number of brush high transaction improve credit behavior is commonly known as the "credit speculation", namely "fried letter".

scrambled letter mission usually organized a group of buyers by imitating the real buyers behavior: search, view, talk, take goods, payment, receipt, praise, take business products to clinch a deal the price is normal, and then sent by the merchant "empty package" to fry the letter, to complete a false trading.

can be seen, send empty package is an important part of the brush process. Ali in order to combat the brush must be accompanied by courier companies. According to the relevant person to disclose billion state power network, Ali had ordered internal courier company shall publish the air parcel, otherwise it will take punitive measures.

recently, Shentong company issued a "notice" on the prohibition of accepting the Taobao Tmall platform seller express letter fried file also confirmed this point, not to be defined as the real empty parcel express letter fried files, and provides distribution outlets banned collection on behalf of fried letter express". And made it clear that where the acceptance of the letter to express letter, resulting in Taobao, Tmall platform to shut down the business in the region, the company will be responsible for the unit punishment 5 – 500 thousand yuan, the circumstances are serious to cancel the operating qualification.

but insiders also said that Ali is not a single brush to avoid, to Ali, the existing business model, the sluggish growth in traffic, in order to get more opportunity to show, the seller only through the brush single punch sales, otherwise it will soon disappear in the mass of goods in Taobao. Brush may die, but not only to wait to die."

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