The Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is coming together to seize the opportunity of a local website

is less than a month’s time will usher in the Mid Autumn Festival once a year and National Day, together with the two festival it is of great benefit: Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion together shopping. The development of the local website is not only an opportunity but also a challenge, now I have two local sites, I think this is a good time for a sword, it is silent in my hair force when I come to talk, I think the local planning website the road, perhaps can also help to other places of the city


first, the focus of publicity, and strive to become famous website


website has a center in the process of operation, and I think the focus before the Mid Autumn Festival is coming and National Day promotion website, web site operators to my place now has more than 1 years, but the flow has been much, every day is a more than and 200 flow, and I will. The focus of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day on development, not to say a hit at least is booming, and I am ready to find a local newspaper, the advertising industry, advertising industry launched its own website, I suggest you Adsense when looking for the media to cooperate better pay attention to the following:

1, do not expose their own goals, claiming that only do a website promotion, now the Internet is very fierce competition, if you prematurely exposed his target, may the media would hike, even thousands of people like you, and now we focus on the promotion of the website, and not to advertise, so let the opponent untraceable.

2, learn deep, to tell the truth now the operation of the site are mostly young people under the age of 30, young people have a characteristic that is impetuous, including myself, and in cooperation with the media, we should pay attention to conceal this point, can not let the media see our young that can "eat" we live, then there may be real eat us, I suggest that the negotiations must be officially installed, do not smile, with serious look at them, so the media could have little bottom.

two, the selection of high-quality local domain name is an important step to promote

if you want to hit any good domain name can do it? If you are in Beijing City, then the best domain name is Beijing, but certainly the domain name has been registered by others, we will think this time, what is the most easy to remember the user name: short, is new, so we on the basis of Beijing can make some changes, such as 520bj, bj520 and so on, if these words have been registered, you can use bj1314, bj999, bjxww or what the domain name has been registered, or has been out of date, I was in Yibin, I am now ready for a domain name is yb520, please do not underestimate this domain name, Yibin, I love you, very capable of stirring can cause more >?

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