Analysis of 4P strategy of website marketing from the perspective of marketing

in the eyes of many people, website marketing is nothing more than search engine optimization (ie, SEO), perhaps also on the forum post promotion and promotion of soft wen. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Website marketing content is very rich, search engine optimization and optimization is a part of website marketing, but also far more than this. In essence, website marketing is also marketing. Therefore, in order to truly strategic marketing site, but also from the marketing of 4P combination strategy.

4P combination strategy, also called 4P theory, is put forward theory of Kotler and other famous marketing master of marketing, is the basis of the marketing strategy, 4P refers to the product price (product), (price), channel (place) and sales (promotion). At this point, we can easily find that the search engine optimization, etc. only belong to the 4P combination strategy in the channel strategy, not all of the marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically, comprehensively and effectively carry out website marketing.

in view of the content and services of the website is a special form of products, classic marketing on the network to distinguish the application. Specific needs of the 4P from the combination of the four aspects of the division of strategy to seriously consider and use, so that the most effective marketing website. Now the author from four directions on their own feelings, hoping to attract all the webmaster, so to get some inspiration.

a, product (product)

a website can retain key visitors or users in its content and services, so the content of the website and the service should become a priority among priorities of the website, search engine optimization Masters continue to emphasize the content that is the reason for the king. However, it is not easy to be satisfied with the visitors, so that it is not easy to return. Marketing to target customers (in terms of the site is the target visitors) very seriously, analysis of their needs, psychology, desire and so on in order to achieve the best marketing results. The same is true of website marketing. What visitors really need to be worthy of serious consideration and analysis of each webmaster, of course, pornographic violence is not allowed by the law.

two, price (price)

Internet era is almost free era, a site is good enough free content and services to attract a large number of visitors. It should be said that there is a flow of business opportunities. Therefore, too much emphasis on income but often The loss outweighs the gain. reasonable fees, and is also permissible, depending on the user’s psychological bottom line. Therefore, the price of site content or service is very important. Note that the site customer revenue = x customer charges, fees are relatively low, a large increase in customers, the site will increase revenue, and sometimes incremental will not just a little bit.

three, channel (place)

this includes we are familiar with the search engine optimization and promotion to various forums, etc., of course, including the promotion of soft. Channel marketing is to enable visitors to our website, which is fundamental. Without channels, there is almost nothing. So now search >

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