Product purchase page perfect optimization strategy


today to introduce how to optimize a product purchase page, so that it is the best search engine and users. The above picture has listed 15 aspects that need attention. The following will be a detailed analysis of their importance.

1) customer comments

if you are running an e-commerce site, but did not do a good job of customer comments this is like you have an untapped gold mine. It is not only good feedback on the quality of your products, but also one of the best sources of your website content. This is excellent for search engines.

more importantly, all potential customers want to see the past to buy the product of the views or views. Often a comment is a key factor in determining whether a guest is determined to buy.

often see some of the e-commerce website product page comments empty, or only a few comments, people look like the entire site is deserted, no popularity.

how to collect customer comments:

a) for a long time no comment guests, over a certain period of time, such as a month, the system automatically default.

b) after receiving the goods, the customer will give a message to the guest every weeks to remind or ask the customer for advice. Pay attention to the wording, it is best to use the customer as an expert, ask him to give professional views.


C) for the time limit in the initiative to comment on the guests, give a certain reward or future concessions.

d) don’t be afraid of negative comments, the guest is not a fool, all positive evaluation is a bit fake. (can be set to filter the comments of the mechanism, a number of comments containing prohibited words prohibited)

2) product video

product picture is very important, but compared with the video, or just a little bit worse. Especially for high-tech products such as computers. The role of the video is far more than a simple picture. Through video, guests will be more aware of the characteristics of your product. Invisible to reduce the burden of customer service.

more important is to improve the rate of product purchase, if your product is confident enough, or add a video bar!

3) product related issues

from the SEO point of view, a large number of product page aggregation and product related issues, can greatly improve the relevance of this product page, is conducive to the promotion of rankings.

and each question can be a long tail keywords, from these long tail keywords to the guests are very closely related to the purchase of the product. Both have complementary roles.

from the user experience, each product related to QA and they >

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