Cross border ushered in the outbreak of maternal and child electricity supplier, shopping guide and

according to statistics, there are currently 17 million new increment of China’s maternal and child market, the new generation of maternal and child populations per capita annual consumption of 5000~18000 yuan, and in 85, generation of parents in the main consumer groups on the Internet has a good degree of acceptance, maternal and child market wide prospect of market sought after capital to. Among them, from the beginning of last year, cross-border financing of maternal and child frequently particularly promising, honey bud in 2014 and has two rounds of financing $80 million; wheat Tesco won ten million financing in 2014, 2015 was the 5000 dollar financing play; maternal community freaky help and baby tree respectively in 2015 for $100 million and $250 million C round of financing, cross-border ushered in the baby the outbreak period.


cross-border electricity supplier ushered in the outbreak of maternal

2015, maternal electricity supplier in the field of trend gradually revealed, Tmall, Jingdong, to maternal electricity supplier Amazon and other integrated platform and the honey bud, red child, babe network, vertical maternal electricity supplier has been fierce competition between each other, and the maternal and child products continue to be attention and investment in the industry, and emerging new entrepreneurs from 200 billion, are trying to market a slice; which backed by Ali, and other giants Jingdong headed by cross-border electricity supplier maternal is ushered in the outbreak in the capital flow in the.

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Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center shows that in April this year released a "2014 year China e-commerce market data monitoring report", 2014 China cross-border electricity supplier transactions reached 4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 33.3%; the maternal and child category absolute share in cross-border electricity commodity, is a major electricity supplier and the favor of the market to snatch.

Ali cross-border business development earlier, the Tmall International launched on February 2014, the overseas direct mining and cross-border bonded mode for domestic consumers overseas direct supply of imported goods, including maternal and child supplies, clothing shoes, bags and beauty and so on; Suning overseas purchase on-line in December 2014, is a platform for commodity maternal and child products, digital home appliances a nurse and beauty; the Jingdong global share in April 2015 on the line, including the category of imported milk powder, infant, beauty and so on. In addition, with the brand sale of and have also started to cosmetics will be out of reach of cross-border maternal and child market, and as one of the most important business.

in addition to the traditional electricity supplier giant frequent layout of cross-border business, vertical cross-border electronic business platform is also a sign of weakness, with honey bud and mak purchase as an example. Honey bud is an imported baby brand sale mall, the platform of the goods is sold overseas in the country of origin of goods, in order to maintain the domestic popularity, the recent confirmation of honey bud has been completed by Baidu $150 million led D round of financing, if the news is true, its valuation is close to $1 billion; Tesco is a wheat import maternal mall, which was established in April 2013, with the cooperation of the international well-known brand, via the Internet to the world.

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