Eleven come to you is also drift.

once a year the double eleven singles coming at the same time, today is also known as the online shopping carnival, many friends waiting for this day to come, a one-time purchase of a lot of things. This day is really a good thing, it is necessary to listen to the consumer. This is not I want to talk about the focus, so all over! Is the key to say, double eleven, you are not also "drift"


13:39, turnover has exceeded 20 billion yuan

as of 13:39 today, Alibaba’s C2C trading platform Taobao and B2C trading platform Tmall transaction volume has exceeded 20 billion, more than in 2012 the total turnover of double Taobao and Tmall of 19 billion 100 million. Double eleven electricity providers are so terrible digital games, it is shocking. If calculated in accordance with the current speed, this year, Ali double eleven total transaction may be two times last year. Eleven, we are crazy, according to my friends around, many friends have a bunch of panic buying is a friend, say: "hard to save a year, once again return to the liberation", this sentence has been a profound interpretation at this time.

ridicule eleven words and employee benefits surprising

"gentlemen attention, double eleven day, the first thing is to open up his wife or girlfriend Alipay and net, the wrong password three times to go to work for input, remember". This word has been crazy shopping on the network crazy spread. However, the author found in the use of mobile browsing news, there are even more wonderful is that there is a company in order to allow employees to double eleven this day to facilitate shopping, even put a half day holiday. It is incredible, I found the wonderful thing every year, this year seems to be more special.

electricity providers and online shoppers, a crazy promotion, a crazy to buy

singles, now seems to have is the business promotion of the festival. 10 at the end of the time, on the double eleven advertising has been overwhelming swept, everywhere. Whether it is on the Internet or online, on the so-called double eleven Shopping Festival, more businesses have begun to prepare for this day. A rich rush feast today staged again. More than last year’s 19 billion 100 million yuan trading volume. Crazy business promotions, touched the hearts of consumers. Make everyone crazy shopping on this day. Thus, I personally think that the level of development of the Internet and the national economy is still a certain degree of improvement.

written in the last: A5 brand promotion (http://s.admin5.com/qiye) editor said: in the face all the electricity supplier who crazy promotions and fierce price war, you had heart; whether also bought many treasures in today? But the baby is not, you need to buy? If yes, I think you also in the "drift". On the turnover of more than eleven and more dynamic, welcome to continue to pay attention to A5 webmaster >

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