Dangdang will invest 100 small micro studio to support digital reading

recently, Dangdang held publishing supplier conference, Dangdang announced that it will invest 100 small and micro studio incubator, according to the number of its products to read a rich line of content delivery. In addition, Dangdang internal restructuring has been in the near future, digital reading business will operate independently.

CEO Li Guoqing dangdang.com in digital publishing has revealed that the annual meeting, 2013 sales of digital book downloads has accounted for 10% of all books dangdang.com sales in 2014, this proportion had increased to 20%, he is expected in the next five years is expected to exceed sales of paper books.

digital reading Dangdang responsible person said, 2015 is the business Dangdang digital reading at the beginning of the year, will be thinking of the Internet to accelerate the transformation of the publishing industry, through two aspects of product and platform layout, build a new industry ecosystem.

in addition, in order to adapt to the development of new business, Dangdang internal restructuring has been in the near future, the digital reading business will operate independently, the new office space will also become the incubator of small and micro studio. Dangdang also plans to launch its own publishing platform, focusing on incubation and investment of 100 digital content studio, for its digital reading product line rich content delivery.

According to

reports, 2015 Dangdang will speed up the electronic paper book, TOP3000 bestseller paper ratio reached 85%, focusing on the layout for mobile Internet users consumption category, the increase in the number of magazines, periodicals, animation etc..

from the official data show that in 2014, when the digital book downloads accounted for the proportion of Dangdang book sales expanded from 10% in 2013 to 20%, up to 60 million copies, is expected in the next 5 years is expected to exceed sales of paper books, reading APP monthly active users increased to 370%. Currently Dangdang wireless traffic accounted for more than 50% of the total, by the end of the book sales are realized by the phone.

as of December 2014, the cumulative amount of paper books Dangdang reached 500 million, covering nearly 200 million of the population in the country, in addition to reading APP daily production of 25 million data.

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