Jingdong unmanned warehouse public debut film 11 double wisdom logistics

On the afternoon of 26

, X Department of Jingdong "Jingdong wisdom warehouse" first opened, demonstrated by the unmanned automatic warehouse robot, artificial intelligence algorithms and data aware network build and will be in the "double 11" period in many rural Jingdong put to use drones and unmanned vehicle.


(Jingdong intelligent handling robot)

On the afternoon of 26

, X Department of Jingdong engineers show Jingdong warehouse forklift, unmanned unmanned robots, handling robots, sorting shelf shuttle is how to carry out automatic unloading and automatic handling, according to the user’s orders automatically pick up the goods for journalists.


(rack shuttle)

it is understood that Jingdong is currently no warehouse storage efficiency is more than 10 times the efficiency of traditional beam shelf storage, parallel robot picking speed of 3600/ hours, equivalent to 5-6 times the traditional manual.


(sorting robot)

Jingdong is the following unmanned intelligent robot has the function:

SHUTTLE rack shuttle car: responsible for moving goods on the stereo shelves, to achieve 6m/s walking, and has 1600 boxes per hour throughput.

intelligent handling robot AVG: cargo up to 300 kg or more, can make the goods in the warehouse for handling, and automatic obstacle avoidance and autonomous path planning.

DELTA: the 3D type sorting robot vision system can dynamically select, automatic replacement device for picking and the operation speed of 155ppm, with the mechanical structure of three axis parallel and adapt to the characteristics of the goods auxiliary axis angle deviation.

6-AXIS is composed of six axis robot control, drive, mechanical body unit, responsible for palletizing and other functions, with 165kg loading.

According to Jingdong

introduced "unmanned warehouse" is customized and systematic overall logistics self-developed solutions, master the core of intelligent logistics equipment and artificial intelligent algorithm, has completely independent intellectual property rights. X Department of Jingdong President Xiao Jun said, no Jingdong have made technological breakthroughs and innovation positions in a large number of control algorithm, industrial design, mechanical structure, electrical design, application and other aspects, the cumulative patent application has more than 100.

previously, unmanned aerial vehicle delivery in rural areas in 618 trial operation, unmanned vehicles were also conducted in September this year, road test.

according to the introduction, in the double 11, Jingdong storage allocation from the whole logistics line to the end of the distribution, has fully enabled intelligent equipment, from unmanned drones to warehouse, unmanned vehicles, to provide more efficient and smooth shopping experience for users.


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