Far Fung Group and treasurer cooperation to create a new platform shop mall

heard that in the Internet age, anything can happen.

but at the same time what may disappear, the rapid rise of tens of thousands of Internet start-ups in recent years, more and more presents a trend: the merger is the big head.

continued to expand and merge, actually behind the merger on a logic: the mobile Internet era, the founder of heroism began to decline; and with the accelerated development of the industry, capital also accelerated exit predictability of the industry, industry and company overweight more promising.

and open, sharing, anytime, anywhere financial consumption, Internet Co has been committed to the construction of the Internet consumer ecosystem.


and Yuanfeng group cooperation manager is committed to creating a shopping mall on an Internet platform: any time, any place, and can have the opportunity to do their own "dispensers".

The person in charge of the mall

shopkeeper Xu said in an interview: "the shopkeeper mall is to purchase, shop, sales, commission, distribution of a mall together, so that the advantages of a person even if he has a little money, or even no money, he can do in the palm cabinet inside the Mall purchase, the shop, the Commission, in cooperation with the US side to make money; Yuanfeng mall is a multi port platform in a mall inside all the ports together, this is our purpose".

is currently located in Guangxi’s Mall shopkeeper is planning to move to Shenzhen headquarters, the treasurer mall local station has been extended to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other eastern coastal areas, and the tentacles to overseas areas, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, and the manager to reach the cooperative future shop area.

dispensers in both at home mall also developed to expand the cross-border electricity supplier, thanks to the electricity supplier of the whole mode far Fung Group powerful solution, the cross-border electricity supplier group Yuanfeng solution mode, full payment interface, customs, commodity order system and open sea system, as long as the consumer orders, the background system will order information such as data synchronization to the customs information system, the Customs Department can query the goods origin, name, quantity, price and tax information.

mall to shopkeeper for the public to provide a line entity business circle upgrade to Internet business platform, the shopkeeper mall has nearly 2000 companies stationed in the business in the negotiations, in the far Fung Group, under the support of the establishment of the mobile terminal also promote drums in the tight gong.

far Fung Group as the full mode business solutions provider, to build a business platform system supports a variety of patterns, solve from cloud services, electricity supplier system, mobile terminal, intelligent hardware, operation promotion, personnel outsourcing one-stop, far Fung Group has been on the road ahead to build smart electricity supplier ecological system.

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