Lightning purchase joint Taobao 913 Mid Autumn Festival to promote a comprehensive coverage of the f

September 13th, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hangzhou five cities, many users to open the phone Taobao, you can see the first screen in the home page Taobao convenience store up to one hour of the plate. Taobao convenience store, the main push fresh fruit, beverage, dairy and other consumer goods, by way of discounts and red envelopes to carry out promotional activities, and to provide users with an hour to deliver the special service.

this is the purchase of Alibaba group’s C round of investment, the two sides jointly launched a major promotional activities. Lightning purchase access Ali investments in early August, announced that the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation, the introduction of high-quality traffic for its convenience store, then hand Amoy home on the line that is the one hour convenience store.

lightning purchased in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, five cities have nearly ten thousand lines under the convenience store, covering nearly half of the city’s five cities. The lightning restriction to convenience stores as the basic point of community electricity supplier, help the convenience store on the basis of the original rich in fresh consumer oriented quality category, strengthen regional coverage, from the supply, warehousing, distribution and flow and a series of support, help the convenience store upgrade. Since the purchase of cooperation and lightning, convenience store orders generally increased by about 30%, the best shop has more than 50%. At the same time, the price of ordinary convenience stores are generally not high, and bring in the lightning purchase of new orders, with fresh fruits of high-value products, the average customer price at around 40 yuan, the overall sales of convenience stores is greatly improved.

CEO Wang Yongsen said the purchase of lightning, lightning will purchase the upgrading of cohesion on the line of stores, with stores in the new online operation ability, not only for the purchase of lightning convenience stores to upgrade infrastructure, will help solve the convenience store traffic and sales problems, enhance the education of the users, the convenience store to help grow. In the purchase of Taobao mobile phone line lightning one hour convenience store sector, access to important traffic entrance for cooperation convenience stores, also means that these convenience stores have a comprehensive ability to digest the flow line, while the ordinary convenience store is no such ability. At the same time, the purchase also helped Taobao to expand the consumer scene, support Taobao to further meet consumer demand for fresh, fast consumer goods quickly served.

as an important measure to develop user habits, lightning is committed to the rapid delivery through 1 hours to provide users with a unique experience. In line with the mid autumn festival held the 913 five synchronized promotional activities, order the average delivery time is as long as 24 minutes, to impress consumers. Prior to the use of the field to send the main scene to take away the need to call the meal, the user to the office workers. In the lightning purchase platform, the data from all traffic terminals are displayed, from the order of the number of residential community has more than 40%, indicating that the user is gradually developing new consumer habits. With the education market in recent years the community O2O, fresh fruit for user consumption habits, from face to face selection, try gradually to buy electricity transfer. And once the user to accept the way to send fruit to buy fresh, lightning purchase only need to check the quality of the product and service process >

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