Alibaba $five hundred million net profit was swallowed up

YAHOO recently released 2012 10K documents show that the Alibaba group in 2012, according to U.S. GAAP fiscal revenue of $4 billion 80 million, gross profit was $2 billion 764 million, operating profit of $688 million, net profit of $536 million, attributable to the Alibaba’s net profit of $484 million. Alibaba group’s revenue grew 74% over the previous year, attributable to Alibaba group’s net profit grew by more than last year, an increase of 81%. It should be said that the Alibaba group submitted a slightly satisfactory answer.

but why not satisfied, but only a little satisfied with it? If the Alibaba 2012 fiscal year revenue data in the quarter, the following data can be seen.


can be seen from the above table, although belonging to Alibaba group’s annual net profit (Net Income attributable to Alibaba) $480 million, but the fourth quarter of 2012 (July 2012 to September), belonging to Alibaba group is the net profit loss. And not only attributable to Alibaba group’s net profit, operating profit (Income from operations) and the company’s net profit (Net income) were losses. As shown in the above table, the fourth quarter of 2012, the company operating loss of $174 million, the company net loss of $245 million and a net loss of $245 million attributable to Alibaba group. This is the Alibaba group since the second quarter of 2010 (first quarter 2010) began to profit for the first time since the loss.

losses in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared with the previous quarter, some anomalies. The first three quarters of the Alibaba group’s net profit attributable to the quarter were 23%, 27% and 25%. In the fourth quarter attributable to Alibaba group quarter net loss reached 21%. If in accordance with the preceding three quarter attributable to Alibaba quarterly group average net profit rate of 25% to count, the fourth quarter attributable to Alibaba group quarter net profit would be $290 million ($1 billion 180 million X25%), while the annual net profit of $1 billion. Relative to the current 2012 net profit attributable to Alibaba group $480 million, the difference reached $five hundred million. Then another $five hundred million net profit is what swallowed? In other words, why Alibaba’s 2012 fourth quarter profit of $five hundred million less, resulting in a net loss of $245 million.


group in 2012 fourth quarter net loss of Alibaba’s main business losses, the company net loss and ownership of Alibaba group are at a loss. The company’s net loss and net loss attributable to Alibaba group were calculated by the company operating losses and. At the same time, the company’s net loss and net loss attributable to the group of Alibaba is not much difference, but they are only about $70 million with the company operating losses. So we

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