Su ningyun started the integration of online and offline mode to verify whether the reform war landi

only for survival. "Go to electrical appliances" in the transformation of Suning and a step forward. In order to change the line retail revenue continued to decline in the situation, recently, Suning Appliance (002024) was officially renamed Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Su ningyun"), to integrate resources Suning online and offline. In addition to Suning, Jingdong mall also recently received a round of about $700 million in financing, analysts said it was the first to sprint Ali IPO. The Spring Festival is very active business giants, the electricity supplier in 2013 "bloody battle" has clearly started.

cloud business integration of online and offline resources

China’s retail industry is at a critical juncture in history. 2012 retail sales began to decline in line, is a major turning point in the home appliance industry." E-commerce analyst Li Chengdong analysis, which has brought a fundamental crisis for many home appliance industry.

in Suning chairman Zhang Jindong view, the retail cost growth is offset by consumption growth, online shopping channels are constantly split the line, a large area of decline in effectiveness of logistics low quality high speed development, retail business entities…… A disadvantage is the industry into a quagmire. To change the status of the retail industry, Suning 2013 must enter the fast track of transformation.

just after the Spring Festival in 2013, Suning changed its name to Su Ningyun. In this regard, Suning explained that the cloud business is based on the core of cloud technology, the integration of open Suning foreground background, integration and opening up Suning line on the line, serving the entire industry, service customers. Cloud business model is the shop + electricity supplier + retail service providers, cloud providers Suning to do online, but also to do the line; both to do shop, but also to do electricity providers, but also to do retail service providers.

to sell electric appliance Suning started, go to the electrical appliances on the road farther and farther. During the two sessions last year, Zhang Jindong stressed Suning want to go WAL-MART + Amazon model, while Suning proposed to promote the electric appliance brand development strategy. 2012, Suning line stores began to get rid of logo electrical two words. Last year, Suning also spent $66 million acquisition of red children, opened the Expo super store, clear its intention to the department store, online and offline integration, experience consumption change direction. This changed its name to cloud business, Suning is further away from the electrical label logo.

in recent years, Suning gradually change the understanding of the electricity supplier. Zhang Jindong in a recent internal speech said that the future of the retail enterprises, not only online, not just online, is a perfect blend of online and offline; there is no line there is no line, the next line in order to have a better online. Visible, the electricity supplier in the status of Suning once again improve. From the first line is the line of the supplement, to the integration of online and offline, and then to the current position of the electricity supplier is higher than the line, Suning will see more and more important role of the line.

cloud landing a bit difficult


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