Baby tree big promotion electricity supplier once again hit the jackpot model to create a new upsurg


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China maternal market heat rising, the battlefield and maternal electricity supplier phone again. Since July 2015, after the famous enterprises mother baby tree announced by the United States led the investment and financing of $300 million for RMB in July 24th, the baby tree and the United States jointly launched a sustained 24 hours of crazy big promotion, has made outstanding achievements in the 24 hours of the 350 thousand single. Recently, the baby tree once again announced that will launch a business promotion war in September 9th -9 month 11 days, to introduce more quality new products, low price, wide coverage, preferential large, mothers again detonated passion crazy stockpile.

compared to last only three days to prepare for the 9.9 time the promotion, welcome the new version of the United States to promote the store, the baby tree is well prepared, not only to improve the product experience and process, still a lot of rich category. Baby tree CEO Wang Huainan said: "after the United States together with marriage, both of us were very fast docking backend system, perfect to create a baby tree delivery speed business experience, to ensure that during the big promotion, users really enjoy fast delivery without waiting for the experience. At the same time, we also greatly enriched the categories we provide, to ensure that mothers choose the goods they need." In Wang Huainan’s view, if the speed of delivery, customer service experience does not pass, the baby tree would rather give up sales promotion, but also to ensure that lianhaoneigong. "The current vertical electricity supplier, especially in areas of the sea Amoy, there are some bad atmosphere, in order to impulse sales and sacrifice the user experience, resulting in a large number of customer complaints, it is a kind of harm for the entire industry, and the baby tree gathered a large number of loyal users, they trust us, must provide the best baby tree service to them." Wang added.


in the field of electricity providers, due to the high cost of access to the user, there is often a big promotion to spend tens of millions of dollars to promote the cost of the phenomenon. The baby tree, a large number of users eight years of community accumulation has become the biggest magic weapon, but also makes the baby tree business doesn’t cost a cent the market cost, through the natural internal transformation of direct access to the user. "Access to the user for the electricity supplier is the most important part, is also an important weapon to end the war baby tree maternal electricity supplier, plus the capital reserve, and the United States marriage brings back-end support and excellent team selection of sea Amoy advantage, believe that this war will end in a short period of time, while users get real good experience."

with the baby tree mother store electricity supplier U.S. new revision, this big promotion will be "new" as the theme of the unbridled love struck on that day in September 9th a whirlwind, covered "baby tree breed" app sale channel, beauty store official website (, mother of 1 yuan during the event, seckill full cut, red release station. Wang Huainan said, "beauty is rooted in the hoard mother baby tree, we hope that this time the store can be the most consistent with the beauty needs of mothers good.

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