20 million users, the nternet Finance mean

today, there are many well-known Internet financial companies, but who are not announced transactions under the background of no one can compare the mutual gold standard, in addition to the ant gold clothing, Lu Jin, the three financial Jingdong, other people to feel mutual gold platform and not too big the difference, but if from the user point of view, the day just before the break 20 million nine rich is ahead of other peers.

nine rich mobile users accounted for more than 90%

public data show that nine rich and the registered users has exceeded 20 million, Lu Jin for the 19 million registered users, a pat on the loan was 10 million 800 thousand, nine rich as ants gold clothing, finance of Jingdong outside the same platform, the amount of registered users of the most internet financial platform, and in the 20 million volume of users in the mobile terminal number of users up to 18 million it can be said, accounted for 90%, nine rich in base of Internet banking has become mobile financial company.

The mobile terminal users with 18 million PC user

18 million value is different, the mobile terminal users means more time, more convenient operation, and can bring more opportunities for potential transformation, Jiu Fu has a direct relationship to the rapid rise in the amount of mobile end users of its flagship financial wukong.

nine rich get the user’s way and ant gold clothing, Lu Jin, financial Jingdong are different, after all three users rely on advantage, resource advantage, corporation capital advantage, brand advantage and other aspects of the overall strength to bring incremental service for Internet financial business, and the starting point of Jiu Fu is lower too compared with the three.

Wukong financial management is WeChat’s Internet based financial products is the main push of the nine rich, Jiu Fu’s largest user of a product, this product is close to the operation ideas of the fans to do interactive marketing. Lu Jin and many enterprise customers and asset users, nine rich service users, and access to the Internet and the financial first user emotional interaction depth, so that they understand the P2P and reliance on financial products and the formation of Goku, viscous after spontaneous spread reputation for nine rich households brought considerable amount of users the.

Based on WeChat’s

product logic reduces the nine rich user acquisition costs, so it can be a short period of time to achieve the volume of one-day break 10 million, 23 days cumulative volume of over 1 hundred million grades. Now the financial Wukong registered users has exceeded 10 million, nine rich reached 20 million magnitude.


Lu Jin, representing the amount of user transactions; for the nine rich, means that the new

business users

Lu Jin and nine rich different growth path, means that users have different market value for them. For Lu Jin, the user represents a trading platform, because Lu Jin is the user to have a certain understanding of the financial investment of the white-collar groups, the overall investment capacity is relatively strong, so Lu Jin’s work is based on Lu Jin platform for the increase of the various financial products, now the land.

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