Do not want to test the development of the material to test the higher RO does not fly

on a Sunday when train internal training in an enterprise, in order to express more intuitive creative material = + core selling good use of this point of view, to attract a group of drilling in the promotion of material exhibition. Three the same copy, the first two are model + + product copy of the layout, and the third is to copy + creative character typesetting method, the test results show that in the first third coke hit rate is 4.2%, the two remained at 2%.

analysis after the completion of these pictures, the students asked a question I’ve been trying to confirm before: three creative which ROI higher. For this problem, I give the student’s reply is this: to my current level, temporarily unable to test which ROI higher.

is arguably the drill exhibition has been one and a half years, want to get a test material, this result is not difficult, why can not achieve


first, either train or drill exhibition, material is the core of the combined product graph layout form by copy, to show the product selling point, to attract more people to click, and all this is not out in finished on the basis of marketing essence. In order to get a certain data through the test, it is necessary to keep the other dimensions unchanged, only a certain dimension has changed, in order to test the objective data and results.

conversion rate and what kind of single product evaluation, customer service professional level, browse the crowd have a great relationship. For example, today’s single product evaluation of the home page appeared 2 bad evaluation content, will inevitably have a great impact on the conversion rate. Consumers do not dare to order. Second, if today’s reception customer service in a bad mood or a bad mood, the treatment of the consumer is very impatient, that is, in a hurry, the conversion rate will be affected. Third, the drill is done to the point of interest, that is, the coverage of the crowd has high, medium and low customer price of three grades. It was the material above did not reflect the discount and price, consumers are directed at the click of the creative. If today 100 people click, 10 belong to the crowd high price potential, 60 low price potential consumer groups, only 30 are off price consumer groups, the 30 can be transformed into orders. If the same 100 clicks tomorrow, the proportion of these three groups have changed, which can explain the material ROI high?.

this is like doing the train material test, the author has always made the same mistake at the beginning, two different pictures, two different titles put together to test. What is the result of this, there is no result, because of different dimensions, another picture of the high click rate, can be described as a good picture or a good title?

empathy, when a lot of dimensions are likely to change, in this way you want to test the material of which the drill is higher ROI is not reliable. What you can do is to be able to do so

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