Cross border electricity supplier across the gray zone

specializes in doing business Meng Meng, today, the United States to California housewife Linda sent an e-mail to answer the details of the direction of his online shopping oven. This is a bit like the domestic Taobao trading, but Meng boss buyers are not at home, the business between them is cross-border trade e-commerce.

novel, but true. Import and export difficulties present in the traditional mode, cross-border e-commerce is an amazing momentum stride forward singing militant songs.

recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued "on the implementation of relevant policies to support cross-border e-commerce retail outlet", for cross-border e-commerce that are not in the scope of Customs Statistics of emerging business, open up Easy Access teshiteban, the province of Hangzhou, Ningbo became one of the first pilot city. Today, the pilot full moon, how to progress? This reporter visited the relevant enterprises, departments, to explore what.

big seller annual sales of over ten million

"most of the cross-border electricity supplier companies, are in the gray zone policies, especially in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian in several places, eBay, Amazon and other platforms to do cross-border electricity supplier of many enterprises, many of the annual sales of tens of millions yuan of big sellers. But these enterprises in the policy is not clear, can not be at ease development." Engaged in cross-border business for many years in Hangzhou business manager told reporters.

his mouth in the gray area, mainly refers to not included in the customs statistics. It is understood that China’s cross-border e-commerce is mainly divided into business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) trade model. B2B mode, the use of e-commerce and advertising information release, the transaction and customs clearance process basically completed online, is still a traditional trade, has been included in the general trade customs statistics. B2C, China’s enterprises directly to foreign consumers, sales of consumer goods, logistics mainly by air parcel, express mail, etc., its declaration is the main postal or courier company, at present, are not included in the customs registration.

"along with the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the current policy has not adapted by mail, mail and other forms to carry out cross-border e-commerce retail export enterprises demand caused by enterprises in the customs, inspection, settlement, tax and other aspects of a lot of inconvenience." Provincial Department of Commerce, said Lu Chengnan, director of e-commerce, the introduction of the opinions is to meet the actual needs of the situation and the development of enterprises.

The specific measures of

"opinions", including the establishment of the new customs supervision mode of electronic commerce and export statistics, business entities can be related electronic documents submitted on the Internet; the establishment of e-commerce export inspection and supervision mode; support enterprises normal settlement; encourage banking institutions and Payment institutions to provide payment services for cross-border e-commerce; implementation of electronic adaptation the business of export tax policy; the establishment of e-commerce export credit system.

these measures will be carried out in Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zheng

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