listed supremacy cash hemostasis can only maintain the operation for two months


checkpoints success, attitude of foreign capital for China electricity supplier to positive or show. CFP for map

discount shopping website 18 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed an initial public offering (IPO) application documents, to be listed on the NYSE, to raise funds up to $125 million, to enhance the company’s IT system and some possible acquisitions.

if no accident, is expected to become the first U.S. listed Chinese electricity supplier in 2012. Since last August, (micro-blog) after the listing, there is no Chinese companies listed in the United States, even in a leading position in the industry company (micro-blog), Shanda Literature (micro-blog), handle network (micro-blog) have at hand, delay the IPO schedule.

market analysts generally believe that if wins this time, is that foreign capital for business Chinese attitude to positive; and even if IPO fails, nor will the Jingdong (micro-blog) have much impact mall and the listing journey.

was listed supremacy

prospectus shows that from 2009 to 2011,’s net revenues were $2 million 800 thousand, $32 million 580 thousand and $227 million; over the same period, the corresponding net loss was $1 million 380 thousand and 700, $8 million 365 thousand and 800 and $156 million.

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stocks listed this is the norm, but questioned, cash and cash equivalents offset bank loans, the cash flow of $32 million 240 thousand. Operating expenses of $150 million in 2011, its existing net cash flow can only maintain its operations for two and a half months. So, the industry a lot of people think that this is to stop bleeding money. media spokesman said the current inconvenience to respond". While offering some other data disclosure surfaced, "2011 operating expenses included nearly 80 million of the payment option expenses, so the actual losses of $about 20000000 in 2011, up to 2011 if the fixed assets of large warehouse fees in three in Kunshan, Chengdu, Beijing part of the expansion of the operating loss rate is only 4.5% about." Analysis of electric business "deep throat" anonymity, bank loans are mortgage loans, the mortgage funds more than the loan amount, the proposed financing of $125 million, not intended for misappropriating hemostasis. Who is the first listed topped, will become the industry oligopoly with the power of capital."

consumer driven market window restart

market analysts generally believe that if wins this time, is that foreign capital for the China electricity supplier to positive attitude; even if IPO fails, it will not have much impact on the listing journey mall and Jingdong.

"Dangdang (micro-blog) and"

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