Baidu takeaway, the United States mission, hungry in Beijing area has been offline 8000 merchants

China financial network news September 22nd according to the Ministry of commerce website 21 News, recently, Baidu takeaway, the U.S. group, hungry 13 network ordering platform in the Beijing area has been offline business 8000, shop information publicity rate of nearly 9 into. But the individual platform rectification still not complete, some have been notified, including license expired license no dish business qualification and not public license information store has yet to be down or rectification.

as of September 7th, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau network monitoring center monitoring to 43526 stores, over two weeks ago, the total number of stores more than 8000 households drop platform. Because Baidu takeaway, the U.S. group, hungry 3 large batch production ordering platform without permit license shops, publicity rate has been two weeks ago by 86.5% rose to 89.9%, an increase of 3.4 percentage points.

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