SF EXPRESS’s official website system failure caused by delays can not query

(reporter Liu Xueyu) on the evening of September 6th, SF EXPRESS’s official website system failure caused by the query, and lead to some of the delays in shipment, as of now, the system has not yet returned to normal.

, the official website of the system is abnormal, I can not find any logistics information, can not find the phone to check the phone." Lee introduced 4 days ago, in order to give the old man’s birthday at home, he refused to sell the seller’s postal service, fear of ordinary courier delays, the choice of SF EXPRESS. "Add 28 yuan postage, that speed can be faster." Mr. Li said, the evening of 7, he learned that after the collapse of thought does not affect the normal delivery. Today, the old man’s birthday is over, the gift has not arrived, very disappointed."

yesterday afternoon, the courier company apologized to the official micro-blog, said the company’s delivery are all normal, please rest assured. Up to now, the courier company’s official website system is still paralyzed. According to a staff member of the company said, due to system failure, the current site and manual queries can not be used, but also temporarily unable to determine when to return to normal.

(JINGWAH times)

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