2015 Taobao Tmall dual 11 activities detailed Tmall double play so eleven

official said 11 before suddenly remembered long ago, just double 11 singles.

first, in 2015 Taobao 11 (double) activities of review

2015 Taobao Tmall double 11 (double) activities, following the double in 2014 after the Alibaba, the group of the seventh double the 11 of the eleven. Today, the double 11 is not only Tmall or Ali carnival, but also the carnival of the people. At the same time, 2015 Taobao Tmall dual 11 main venue in the threshold, in addition to audition registration, set up shop shop red, full cut, undertake page settings, but also increased the seller to promote the rules of examination.


Taobao 2015 Tmall 11 set up a total of 1 main venue, the venue of the 31 branches (including the characteristics of the venue of the 12), as well as the promotion of the field of the 25 major. All of the venue will continue to use the horse race mechanism, according to the seller’s entire store transaction situation display position. In addition, 2015 Taobao Tmall pairs of businesses also provide a flow of incentive plan, but also to increase penalties for violations of the seller of the 11. Of course, the small series will also be the first time the 11 red envelopes of specific matters to update, want to buy a better Duo (Duo) to buy (Duo) you, you can not miss. So please put us in your favorites ha ~

two, Taobao 2015 Tmall double (double) activity registration requirements

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for businesses, the most urgent thing is to know how to apply for 2015 pairs of the two activities, what qualifications do you need to go to the next series will be introduced in detail for you Taobao eleven venue requirements.

first, all sellers audition registration and approved, can enroll in the main venue, the outfield registration without Audition; secondly, in the registration of businesses must be completed to promote the risk and safety examination; finally, businesses have completed shop red setting, shop full set (field not mandatory) and undertake page settings in order to successfully enter the venue. The main venue without business registration, will be selected by the branch of the field to business horse race the best business finalists.

three, 2015 Taobao Tmall dual (double) activity schedule

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September 14th, Taobao Tmall double eleven campaign began in 2015.

September 15th -9 month 30 days, in the venue of the business began to audition registration (through auditions, before they can apply the double eleven venue).

October 8th -10 23, the venue and the Taobao double field registration of the 2015, while businesses have to complete the shop red envelopes and shops full of reduced activity settings.

October 31st, the venue announced registration

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