Holiday intensive part express outlets remote mail have late explosion



Beijing, September 30, (life channel Liu Xuhui) Mid Autumn Festival this year, National Day not far away, send gifts and other online shopping, especially hot, the courier industry has also ushered in the "golden nine silver ten" season. There are online shopping Daren said that the recent courier, always slower than usual one or two days, courier network customer service is also introduced, these days the number of sending and receiving the number increased significantly, a lot of pressure. Beijing life channel to remind users, the recent online shopping or mailing holiday gifts, need to make arrangements in advance, so as not to be blocked on the road.

"double" express "coming late" Mid Autumn Festival moon cake is not over to

this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, national day difference of three days, send moon cake, send gifts more concentrated and more frequent than usual, together with the major electricity supplier promotions, discount activities, a variety of mail filled with outlets. A part of the family of online shopping to avoid the peak early, ready for holiday, there is also a part of users affected by "double", has become a "slow delivery express".

Beijing citizen Ms. Jia told Beijing lifestyle channel, her 21 children milk online shopping, courier information display, 21 at 16 PM in Jiangsu Changshou City company to scan, on the morning of 23 from the Beijing distribution center issued after two days have not received a courier, no logistics tracking information.

"I had to wait for several days, drink milk out of stock, the customer service phone consultation, said early, but Japanese holidays too much, a single burst." Jia explained.

rhyme Express Beijing Xicheng District Yuetan a company customer service staff said, recently from Jiangsu Changshu to Beijing express to about four days, these days the number of courier is very large, and the road to traffic jams, slower than usual". From the rhyme courier customer service to understand, off-site express is generally 72 hours, weather, irresistible factors, part of the remote areas of the timeliness of a little later.


‘s another express, from Guangzhou to Beijing moon cake. 27, logistics information display, "Beijing Yuetan company is difficult because of delayed scanning, holidays delivery", and this day is the mid autumn festival. Until 28 am, she received this express.

Washington lifestyle channel

learned, SF, Yuantong express company in the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day during normal collection, sending pieces. Among them, the SF company in October 1st to 7, the recipient to send pieces of prescription for receipt within 6 hours, sending pieces within 8 hours. A customer service said that the company has to try to arrange Lanshou mail, but the specific time can not be approved.

holiday express delivery to start

, the State Post Bureau issued before the "2014 annual report" shows the courier market supervision, 2014 Chinese courier business volume reached 13 billion 960 million, courier service business revenue exceeded 200 billion yuan, per capita annual delivery expenses 149.5 yuan. >

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