New pat net on the line this month cooperation with the mobile phone QQ sharing chain

DoNews July 7th, according to informed sources, after a month of testing period, Jingdong’s new pat Network will be formally launched this month, and in July 15th to 31 to carry out large-scale promotions. In this promotion, pat Network and mobile QQ will carry out strategic cooperation.

pat Network insiders, the pat Network and mobile phone QQ strategic cooperation, Jingdong and Tencent after another large-scale integration of resources to promote 618. But unlike WeChat and Q Center entrance of shopping patterns, pat Network and mobile phone QQ cooperation will mainly adopt the spread of social relationships chain: QQ mobile phone users to participate in interactive games, will not only get a pat on the network platform coupons, but also get a new signature icon pat Network and QQ mobile phone QQ chat bubble.

based event pat Network will invest hundreds of millions of cash coupons and no threshold huge line advertising, and mobile phone QQ activities will also last for a week of massive drainage, is expected to have more than 20 million users will participate in the activities.

According to Tencent

first quarter earnings data, mobile phone QQ up to 490 million monthly active users, covering a broad three to five class city, user group and C2C agreement, through bilateral cooperation will not only help to explore and clear pat Network mobile terminal play, mobile phone is an effective attempt QQ commercial test the. It is understood that this is the first time to carry out mobile phone QQ platform with the electricity supplier to carry out such a large-scale cooperation, and this open social relationships chain communication model, QQ had only a few international brands such as Coca-Cola.

in addition to the cooperation of mobile phone QQ, in July, organized by the official launch of the perfect holiday promotional activities, but also put a lot of marketing resources. These are the stand pat Network marketing resources, but also from the Jingdong, Tencent, business class wide point navigation and other huge long tail keyword search advertising.

pat Network insiders also said that the network and the mall to get through the integration of the network is also fast. Pat is about to open up a joint login system with the Jingdong of the mall, the search is also underway to open up the future long tail consumer goods Jingdong mall will not search search results displayed pat Network, Jingdong mall coupons and Beijing beans can also be used in the future pat.

analysts believe that with the mobile phone QQ strategic cooperation and integration with the Jingdong of the mall, the re shaping of the pat Network will provide the value of the four brands and small sellers: Q combined with the first hand, the construction of PC and mobile C2C eco end seamless; second, pat will provide one-stop the operating system of a low cost brands and small sellers; third, pat Network will become brands and small sellers of new value depressions; fourth, individual and original brand, long tail goods sellers will be easier to grow in the pat. (end)

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