Electricity supplier hot logistics grab library busy Jingdong mall face to get the problem

logistics warehousing, Jingdong mall is now becoming Chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) the most headaches. He admitted that Jingdong needs a large warehouse, but now it is difficult to get the land and the cost is too high.

has more trouble than Liu Qiangdong. The outbreak of e-commerce, with the fire of the entire logistics industry. However, in order to have online shopping short board completely unmasked the logistics industry, which is the biggest bottleneck in warehouse logistics system at present.

mall with the Jingdong announced its third round of financing $1 billion 500 million most of the funds will invest in self built logistics, and Alibaba to spend one hundred billion yuan of large-scale construction of logistics system, a library, to rent jumped library shortage had almost all of the hot city.

even now market logistics land, is caused by dysfunction of the "berserk". Papadopoulos, including many logistics real estate developers, SF courier companies, Suning, Gome and other traditional retail giants, and COFCO, Huarun and other central enterprises are trying to force the warehouse.

but to the governors articles soon found that land prices, but not necessarily get. A Alibaba involved in the construction industry veteran said, this year, industrial land prices rose almost doubled.

"logistics and warehousing facilities covers an area of large, low taxes, some local governments in this type of land is not much push power." Hu Xiaorui, deputy director of the Beijing Department of industry and logistics services, told Caixin "new century". In his view, to solve the problem of shortage of logistics warehousing, still need to change the government from the industry policy, land policy.


library to

at the beginning of August a few days, Deng Daiguang has been in Beijing, Tongzhou, Majuqiao and other regional Daludian shop around, to see three or four warehouse every day. Deng was the vice president in charge of logistics business network serves the purpose of this trip is to find a suitable storage warehouse in Beijing.

"it’s too hard to find the library now." Deng Daiguang to the wealth of the new century reporter emotion, a little bit of the basic are rented out."

network serves is a fashion store e-commerce enterprises, launched in 2008, the headquarters is located in Shenzhen. In March 2011, serves network access KPCB $20 million investment. According to its development plan, in 2011 sales will reach 1 billion yuan.

therefore, serves network project in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing three rent more than 30 thousand square meters of warehouse.

Deng Daiguang said, in addition to Shenzhen’s 14 thousand square meters warehouse, serves network plan before the end of this year in Beijing, Shanghai, the development of each 10 thousand square meters warehouse. Up to now, this 20 thousand square meters of warehouse is still not determined.

Chinese the warehouse has been in short supply, many goods can only reserve in the open yard, or simple warehouse unqualified. China Warehousing Association

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