Following the mask, clothing, food into the circle of friends, but you dare eat it

morning news reporter Yi Yi reported with the popularity of WeChat’s social platform, more and more people through the WeChat commodity marketing, circle of friends food industry has developed rapidly. Researcher at the municipal CPPCC members, East China Sea Fisheries China Aquatic Sciences Institute of June believes that good safe on the tongue, the circle of friends selling homemade food should not be vacuum, food business network online supervision system to improve, eliminate food safety hazards.

network era spawned a lot of new formats, regulatory perspective to relax." June suggested that the establishment of food safety information sharing platform, to strengthen the online access supervision, such as the circle of friends on the sale of homemade food business entities, regulate the access threshold, strengthen supervision during and after. The internal information network of food business operators must be external publicity, such as network food producers effective qualification certificate, food raw material origin, processing and circulation traceability information, making environment information can be achieved through real-time photo upload form.

June also called for the establishment of mobile terminal platform of real-time information, complaints and reports, promotion have evidence of the WeChat report, for the first time to issues related to food safety management, identify problems and timely solutions to improve food safety regulatory capacity and efficiency.

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