Prepare as early as possible Tmall double 11 this year how to play

internal is as long as five years of accumulation, the outside is about to board the U.S. capital market gimmick, these conditions are destined to Tmall this year, double the play will be different from the "11". There are businesses that Tmall double 11 will follow this year’s overall brand, fashion positioning, increase the brand, especially the traditional big business investment. Meanwhile, Tmall’s investment will be more cautious. Beijing Daily reporter learned that Tmall has set up this year’s double 11 project team, and issued a preliminary investment rules. In the industry view, no matter how the sales target, this year, Tmall double 11 will continue to try to diversify operations.

big into a watch

insiders said that although this year the investment has not yet officially launched, but the investment rules have been published, the industry analysis and interpretation of the sound also began to increase, including the "double 11" direction considerations will follow fashion, brand direction of reform inside Tmall, more attention has a certain influence on the brand. At the same time, due to the United States has launched the listing process, Tmall’s investment is also particularly cautious. "No matter how big the size of the store, more influential, this is not" special "said, need to meet the indicators of Tmall’s position has become a machine selection." On behalf of the operating companies of Ruijin Lin co-founder An Shihui said.

big park network CEO Wang Zhiquan believes that this year’s "double 11" rule may have a relatively big change, "last year, Tmall removed a lot of franchise stores in the rules, basic has become the flagship store game this year, Tmall has been doing the brand, should also make adjustments". But Wang Zhiquan also believes that after the introduction of a lot of big names, Tmall and the brand is no longer simply support and support the relationship, this year, a major aspect, is the ability to persuade the big names Tmall support double 11".

insiders believe that with the starry, Yan man "Amoy brand" is different from the traditional brand especially big, the "double 11" recognition is still limited, "in general, the platform will provide more traffic to flow through the import brands, discount subsidies".

high sales requirements

Beijing Business Daily reporter in this year’s Tmall business registration page to see, business registration was launched yesterday, to August 22nd deadline. Tmall will enter the business from the merchant qualification, commodity prices and merchant shipping capacity of these three layers of registration requirements. It is worth mentioning that a certain brand of sources, Tmall added three and customer service related indicators, respectively, the refund refund disputes rate disputes long and independent end rate, businesses were screened, which means to nominated for "double 11" venue stores need to achieve "no residue in customer service service on". This is also one of the most noteworthy investment strategy has been exposed this year.

according to the source of information, this year, double 11 price requirements are no more changes, but the refinement of the delivery of service requirements, such as the requirements of flowers and commodities and building materials business class

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