Online Li Gui multi domain name protection difficult

Technically speaking, domain name is just a way to solve the problem of correspondence on the internet. However, from the practical point of view, the domain name has been regarded as "the company’s online trademark".Show

"defense" is almost every site in the headache. Because of the need to register and have all related or even similar domain name, can protect themselves.The correlation between

domain name first from different suffix. For example, a company called 888 to register a website called and its associated domain name at least and (only the three names that are open to the public); if it is to be in China registration, must also add.Cn to each, in Japan is.Jp.

so to register domain names related to all, like to do a complex combinatorial problem. Originally used to clear the meaning of the domain name suffix, but now we have brought into the maze.

in the domain name winding on the problem is so complicated that no website can claim that the domain name system is perfect. Even some of the more popular sites have their own troubles. You on the Internet in and, there are not ( content. registered.Com domain name, Hongkong, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, and has fallen into the hands of others, the domain name of two parts of the country are also registered by others.People think that Mr. Ge Chengzhi is in charge of

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