Suning Suning electricity supplier competition to play cards in the store

reporter learned from Suning, 51 this year, Suning will line under the same force, through the massive commodity, affordable price and convenient service so that consumers feel the O2O mode of experience brings value.

real estate market stimulated consumption promotion Suning none other than in previous years

experts believe that with the lower purchase of second-hand housing Shoufu ratio and second-hand housing business tax exemption for less favorable policies of the real estate market will directly stimulate Jiezhuang consumer appliances upgrade, which will bring the whole consumer market. With the "51" holiday approaching, as in the first half of the first traditional sales season, major businesses are eager for a fight to win.

reporter visited a number of retail enterprises found that the "51" period, Suning commodity none other than in previous years. In the wedding consumer market pull the most obvious TV category for example, Suning launched a massive special offer machine, such as a joint venture brand 43 inch Blu ray TV for only 1998 yuan, a joint venture brand 55 inch 4K Ultra HD intelligent network TV below 4000 yuan. In addition, Suning also launched a double price guarantee, home appliances packages plus gifts and other activities, to create a discount on the folding promotional efforts, so that consumers enjoy more preferential. This year may day, Suning in the form of activities also have their own characteristics. Suning in Nanjing, for example, may day, Nanjing Suning will be in the supply, price, service and other aspects of the investment in resources, a comprehensive reduction in consumer shopping pressure.

electricity supplier competition turned to the main service store brand

the past two years, the electricity supplier industry competition gradually return to rational, bigshots PK from early price war, the speed of logistics war to the overall strength of the competition. Products and services online transfer of the next link, while the physical retail of self evolution also make more consumers benefit.

51 this year, Suning services for electronic products more thoughtful. The reporter was informed that during the 51, Suning stores to the old in the new category will continue to expand, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other places Suning stores, computer category will also open up new platform, Suning will join a professional third party to provide users with the authority of the old valuation for new service. According to the introduction, since last year, Suning stores opened in the mobile phone to old change new channels, consumers can use the discounted valuation machine to buy a new machine, detailed and convenient services received much praise. This year’s upgraded version of the old or new will be more worthy of attention.

has more than 1 thousand and 600 stores Suning in the form of activities also have their own characteristics. The reporter was informed that the "51" period, Suning stores will be operating around the great efforts to buy gifts, consumers in Suning stores to buy computer products to receive a full 32 inch LCD, iPadmini, iPhone6 and other gifts, in addition, brush China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, industrial and commercial bank, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China a single full credit card can enjoy zero Shoufu, zero interest, zero fee concessions. cloud store open service experience into focus "

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