Why did Ma Yun choose fake at this time

before the start of this topic, Song Congming wanted to talk about the movie "blood". "Zi" in the blood "blood" assassination organization from prosperity to decline, has been determined according to the requirements of the Royal family. The guillotine in the court regime has been stable occasion has existed, its main purpose is to remove some of the so-called "chaos of the party". It is for some people regime threatening, even including the sale of rebel books booksellers.

and after the "blood" by the court personally exterminated, the reason given is that the regime has stabilized, the emperor did not want their performance on this "stain".

now we return to Ma fake this thing up. As everyone knows, MA in the formal abdication before, published a fake Alibaba and Taobao speech. All along, Alibaba and Taobao these two e-commerce platform there is a very serious problem of fakes. Of course, this can not be used to define Taobao. Alibaba breeding fake. After all, there is no Taobao, Alibaba fakes still exist.

, however, this problem has been plagued by Ma, and has been criticized. The Ma raised the banner of a fake is because Taobao, now the Alibaba in the field of electronic commerce has been unshakable dominance, on the other hand, Ma is hope during his ruling not to leave any "stain". Song Congming on these two specific to discuss with you:

Ali has unshakable

Alibaba is now unshakable dominance, in fact, there was always a fake problem. But now his fake banner Ma is the most important position before Ali in the field of electronic commerce is not stable. The advantage of these businesses rely on the survival of Ali resources. If anything of these businesses, it is likely to make Ali vitality.

but it’s not the same now. Ali status has been stable, no one can shake. So, now to deal with the fake this "cancer" although also caused some damage, but this risk has been reduced to a minimum. This Ali can afford.

another Ali is now the industry benchmark, as the industry benchmark must increase the punishment on the issue of fake. Only in this way can we really stabilize our position. After all, the fake problem is too serious, then, for the user to choose only other e-commerce platform to conduct transactions, Ali may lose dominance at any time. In general, Ali clearance is to consolidate the dominance of fake cancer.

Ma Yun can’t leave a stain

We are just

to analyze why choose this time from the fake Ma Ali system, we analyze the individual from ma. Ma Yun soon abdicated, but serious problems still exist before Ma Yun abdicated only is fake".


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