Traditional industries to improve the marketing of e-commerce first battle

this thing has been discussed for too long, I just want to put forward my argument, in the rapid development of the Internet today, the status of e-commerce is more and more important, companies have also done a lot of investment. Many industries are beginning to get involved in the Internet, using the Internet to deal with communication, the author worked for Joseph network also has just entered the vertical field of electronic commerce, here I would like to share our experience, we hope to help. For never touched the network instrument sales industry, how to conduct network marketing, different opinions, which is a very serious problem.

straighten out ideas, e-commerce is not so simple

some people think to do a simple online sales website, then the information stiffly uploaded to the server, on the matter; others say do not know the network is not scraped, according to the traditional old rules directly to the stock market on the line, waiting for customers to ask the price of the instrument. Some people are not optimistic about the prospects of network, think to spend time on the Internet, only a copy of. These points of view, the surface is not unreasonable. However, in fact, do a great deal of knowledge of Internet marketing, we do not just put the product on the Internet, how to promote the product is to be known to the public. Now with the rapid development of the network, and even get in by every opening in our life, the music industry through the network to enlarge and strengthen their own projects, focus on how to promote in the network.

to do the promotion, we should understand the characteristics of mass, especially the bursting of the network that is China today, most people love to follow suit. No matter what the product is, when a lot of people are concerned about, or the implementation of the purchase of the crowd, people who have been involved in the increase in the purchase. Similarly, the application of the network, the effect is better. In the spot market, you need to build a website. How to run a website, display the most popular products, and let customers pay attention to you, be attracted by your products, this is very important. This is mainly through consider the psychological to cater to their needs.

of course, if you feel like you can just leave us like Jobs does not need to cater to consumer tastes can be tricky, but this is not what anyone can do to.

online interactive

to do the promotion, but also to establish the appropriate evaluation mechanism. To provide an interactive exchange platform for comment, it can be said that now the network marketing to a certain extent similar to the community marketing, the establishment of a comment area, allow customers to participate in product improvement in. This is equivalent to our face-to-face communication with customers, but also added to the distance between customers. Because it is an equal conversation, evaluation of products, evaluation services, but also to the subsequent customer reference. No matter whether they are good or bad, they can give us some advice. Do not worry about the negative news will affect our performance, if concealed delete, will only let customers disgust, business is difficult to do. We need to learn to be careful and to build

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