Civilink Chinese.Biz domain name market beachhead

day before the Chinese.Biz domain name is registered formally open, China network become the industry’s first launched the "Chinese.Biz" domain name registrar. Civilink called for: the domain name brand protection, urgent.

Chinese civilink product director Song Yingqiao said,.Biz is a new international top-level domain, contender for the popular.Com, natural alternatives are also.Com, is English business (business) for representing business, applicable to all kinds of business organizations and companies.

industry analysts believe that, in the case of.Com resources increasingly depleted,.Biz has a large number of domain names to choose from, will become the first choice for the company to replace the domain name.Com. Chinese.Biz is one of the domain name is the domain name Chinese nets launched a one-stop service, as well as other domain name, it covers a series of service domain name query, purchase, management and so on, can be managed by DIY, direct analysis, fast and stable, domain name registration more simple and convenient, the Internet to promote Chinese Internet Chinese environment will play a great role in promoting. In order to facilitate the timely registration of user network, in April 20th launched the first exclusive Chinese.Biz domain name registration service, up to 24 on the morning of 8, there are a large number of users will apply for the information submitted to the Chinese million net Chinese.Biz domain name pre registration, officially open registration, by Chinese million network responsible for the unified submitted to a domain name registration organization.

with the gradual popularization of Chinese Internet, Chinese domain names are also gradually enriched with the English domain name. For the majority of Internet users, greatly enriched Chinese.Biz domain name is not restricted, selective, can create value as much as possible in the early stage, the user can be full protection for their own domain name through the network domain name Chinese one-stop service, stable existing enterprise brand.

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