Liebo to be listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange income fell for 3 consecutive years Taobao revenue


technology news news June 27th, the SFC website, Amoy brand Liebo clothing in 20 days this month submitted in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed in IPO business applications, is expected to issue 41 million shares, accounting for the proportion of the total issued share capital of not less than 25% of the shareholders of the company public offering of shares of not more than 10 million shares.


Liebo clothing business data in 2013-2015

Liebo clothing

released prospectus, Liebo registered capital of 123 million yuan, as of December 31, 2015, the company achieved operating income of 546 million yuan, total profit reached 40 million 850 thousand yuan, net profit of 31 million 640 thousand yuan. From 2013 to 2014, Liebo clothing revenues were 688 million yuan, 579 million yuan, net profit of 70 million 469 thousand yuan, -421.45 million yuan, the main business income of three consecutive years of decline.


admitted that since 2014, the domestic traditional line of clothing brand and the international well-known brands of clothing (such as UNIQLO, ZARA etc.) have settled in the major domestic electricity supplier platform, and constantly increase the online channel sales, and online clothing brand new women’s clothing consumption increased significantly, user traffic continue to split the business platform. The online clothing sales market competition and online traffic was the impact of fragmentation trend and other factors, at the same time, in recent years, China’s macroeconomic slowdown also on the overall social consumption and consumption capacity will have some negative impact, which leads to the reporting period, operating income declined, and the competition in the process of dealing with the macro environment and industry in the company, operating profit and net profit also fluctuate to some extent.

Liebo clothing e-commerce platform to online sales, the reporting period inside income accounted for more than 99%. The company’s online sales, consignment and distribution by direct combined model, which refers to the direct selling company opened flagship store sales in the electronic business platform, mainly including Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong platform; distribution mainly refers to the company by to sell electric business platform to form such as the sale of sales of goods to consumers distribution; refers to the company sales to distributors, which set up shop in the electronic business platform sales, distributors mainly set up shop in Tmall, Taobao platform.

according to the Liebo prospectus data show that the company’s sales channels to Tmall, Taobao, and other platforms, the platform during the reporting period the total sales revenue accounted for more than 90%. Among them, in the year 2015, Liebo sales in Taobao, and Jingdong accounted for 58.49%, 36.36% and 2.58%.


Liebo in Taobao, and

and other Jingdong brand 2013-2015 sales business.

can be seen from the prospectus, the fund-raising except >

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