2013 electronic business platform dispute the inevitable homogenization


is not the ability of each electricity supplier platform, the need for capital investment and resource integration capabilities. 2012 the beginning of the first half of the investment bank’s friends to chat, they talked about this year, Jingdong mall and Alibaba inevitable war.


here is one of the reasons to seize the market opportunities, the two is the Jingdong need to enter the open platform that can bring profits, and just for the Alibaba, you will need the Tmall brand independent, strengthen the concept of B2C, grab the user to the merchant market trust and Jingdong.

so the first half of 2012, Jingdong and Alibaba face the mall price war, but the secret is a variety of core data of "accidental disclosure", the public market level bukekaijiao.

in August by the Jingdong launched a "Suning Gome" price war, but the accident stimulated Suning and Gome electricity supplier in the field of morale, Tencent also borrow it to join the competition, their war object is clear, the Jingdong store.

3C after these force electricity providers, chose the same route, self + platform, looks very familiar is not like them? As Jingdong plus mall, Dangdang, shop No. 1, the Amazon Chinese between 2013, platform based electricity supplier, in addition to Tmall double eleven 19 billion 100 million here sales of the scale gap, other platform providers will face a serious homogenization of competition.

Why do the

platform, the reason is very simple, platform profit model is in accordance with the transaction amount from service fees and advertising fees, relatively light, the gross margin is relatively high, but also can make up for the category of short board, 3C, books, these large supermarket transaction proprietary business, gross margin is generally low.

there is no doubt that the platform is the direction, but not every electricity supplier has the ability to platform, the need for capital investment, user size and resource integration capabilities.

look at the current situation of the electricity supplier open platform:


Mall: January 2011 launch of the open platform, this year under the Jingdong CMO Lanye direct management, logistics service system has been open to the business platform, plans to launch an open platform advertising system during the second half of this year, the platform business will really force, the self built logistics system has been built in Asia No. 1 will provide high-quality business services. At present, it has 13000 platform sellers.

suning.com: July 2012 launch of the open platform, said when the line settled in the brand and the vertical shopping site reached more than 3 thousand, suning.com through the acquisition of red child category expansion, the future distribution of resources 600 city will be open to the supplier.

: in December 2012, Gome online Gome Gome online integration and Bowser two platform, independent "Kuba" brand special open platform, the.

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