Jingdong 7 days no reason to return only legend open can not be returned

once, 7 days no reason to return commitment for Jingdong mall full of attractions, also once let the online shopping consumers seem to see hope, but the reality is very skinny, in hot July, the reporter has received several complaints from users, the Jingdong’s commitment to 7 days no reason to return "is just a legend, the understanding of these online shopping experience, it is understood a double diamond user emotion:" let me take you to Jingdong."

can not be back pay to disconnect

Liao Ting is a fashion girl, although their use of mobile phone is not left behind, she was in a few days ago to own the Jingdong bought a white iPhone mobile phone, as early as a premonition, she asked the first inspection at the time of receipt, the delivery of the master said no, have to pay to the inspection, and promised within 7 days unconditional return. The results Liao Ting took the phone to go home after they found that the phone is not home to find the WiFi, and other iPhone devices but the signal is full. As a result, Liao Ting asked Jingdong to return, replied that she must produce a single Apple Corp test, but she also called Apple Corp, was informed that the maintenance of the right to issue a single test, and said the seller must unconditionally return. Looking back, she call the Jingdong, or to monitor in the book, repeatedly call the customer service, and let her two days back at noon, at the time did not reply; and then call, and let the other in the afternoon before work. Since then, Liao Ting was caught in this cycle, so anxious that she even on micro-blog @ Liu Qiangdong, I hope the boss to give a statement Jingdong. As for the results, anyway, now her new cell phone or search home WiFi.

what happened to Cui Qi and Liao Ting is very similar, in May she was using a mobile phone software Jingdong in the mall to buy a small projector, then choose to choose to choose "sea micro H6000+ micro projection player white", is in urgent need of office activities. She is a student, want to choose a reasonable price projector can be connected to the computer, they do nothing but play PPT and video activities is very important, you can connect the computer.

second noon, the projector received, the order number is 553535936. When she was happy to turn on the projector to connect the computer with a data cable, the projector didn’t turn up. Cui Qi think, this 1299 yuan of goods can’t uselessly hit in their hands, so that night she apply for return, but the Jingdong to open the packaging performance again sales fault grounds, rejected her application.

then she contacted the Jingdong online customer service, customer service staff told her that it may not have to pass the photos so do not give it back, and before she wanted to apply as long as the refund, the application credentials column write no invoices. Again in May 19th to apply for returns, plus photos, wrote an invoice, with particular emphasis on the most important reason for the return." But Jingdong actually let her go to contact the manufacturers, meaning that they do not want to retire.

it’s been two months now

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