HUAWE terminal involved in the electricity supplier channel electronic mall online yesterday

newspaper news (reporter Zhao Jin) yesterday, HUAWEI (micro-blog) Internet business President Zhu Bo introduction, HUAWEI electronic mall officially released yesterday, has been registered in the test version of the registered users can login information, express company has switched to SF (micro-blog).

it is understood that, in addition to HUAWEI electronics store, HUAWEI future will also strengthen cooperation with Jingdong, Dangdang and other electricity supplier channels, sales channels in the electricity supplier part of HUAWEI terminal products.

‘s spending on global telecoms equipment is slowing, and HUAWEI is growing rapidly in new areas such as smartphones and tablets.

although HUAWEI’s annual report to be released in April, but HUAWEI revealed preliminary statistics show that in 2011 HUAWEI and the world’s first ranked Ericsson (micro-blog) to further reduce the revenue gap.

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