Ma made Zhejiang Jungui no bribe not tort

[TechWeb] News reported in January 11th, more than 280 of the 10 Zheshang Association held in Hangzhou, the economic situation will be judged, Zhejiang Federation President, Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma said at the meeting, the General Chamber of commerce can’t decide what entrepreneurs do, but you can decide not to do what, so that Zhejiang to set their own four disciplines: No, no, no bribes on tax evasion, not tort.


Ma Yun proposed four Zhejiang discipline: no bribes on tax infringement

Ma Yun said that the next 5 to 15 months will be difficult, but the next 5 to 15 years will be very good. "Difficult time entrepreneurs think about why the beginning, where to go in the future, want to know what they can do, can not do anything."

Ma Yun also pointed out that the deduction of wages for employees as to find a good way out; if you are copying, who is honest and trustworthy innovation? Zhejiang brand started, the whole world will compete to do business with you, give up some short-term benefits, the long run will only go wide road.

It is reported that

, Ma proposed four Zhejiang business regulations on the same day officially announced. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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