The Taobao on-line new features as small village village search

January 10th, Alibaba rural Taobao recruitment platform Village hunting quietly on the line, which is the village Amoy upgraded to 3 mode after another big move. The village of Amoy local service leader Cao Wei said to "United Business Network", "online recruitment platform, marking our village 2 a new role – rural search".


Samsung Yanshou County of Heilongjiang Province Village Service Station Village 2 Fu Guangjie

it is understood that the village Amoy recruitment platform for rural workers to provide blue collar jobs. On the first day of the line will provide 160 jobs for nearly 40 thousand jobs, including ASUS, Wistron and other large-scale manufacturing enterprises.


rural Taobao recruitment platform home

village Tao naturally has the recruitment of genes to do the most familiar with the village headhunting

, vice president of Alibaba, general manager of the group of rural division Sun Lijun has said, "Ali to do, is to bring the Internet genes into rural areas, rural areas make their own electricity supplier with hematopoietic capacity, will Chinese rural and city real world even connected, not only make the results more civilized city into the countryside, rural reform, through the business foundation facilities construction, personnel training and business conditions, the construction of long-term mechanism, is the choice of Taobao Ali rural mode."

was found in the service of rural village Amoy in the process of rural information opaque, leading to the rural labor force face the vast sea of information is difficult to distinguish between true and false recruitment, recruitment information and working conditions in different situations have occurred even cheated. The majority of the recruitment system can not reach the employment of rural labor shortage.

in the face of rural labor conflicts, Cao Wei said, "the village of Amoy born with recruitment gene, Mura Koji familiar with the village labor force, according to the village of Amoy recruitment platform related to employment information directly for enterprises to find the most suitable person."

do a good job supporting services, so that workers are satisfied with mount

reporter learned that the village hunting is concerned about whether the villagers find jobs, it will create a closed-loop platform, but also the construction of the service system.

due to the recruitment of false recruitment information on a number of sites too, migrant workers in the face of the phone call from the employer will be full of questions. The recruitment platform for the recruitment of village recruitment platform in the business license, business background, employee benefits, labor safety must be reviewed.

it is understood that the village Amoy also provide job skills training services. For example, Anhui women go out to do housework, if in Yuesao nursery related training, income will be improved obviously and the "village hunt" can butt this occupation skill level, improve the level of employment and income.

compared with the traditional recruitment website, we do not pursue the scale of information platform recruitment, we have to see is how many villagers through this

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