China Post Courier will be adjusted to withdraw PO application structure


[review] prior to listing, the Post Courier listed companies in accordance with the standards of internal control over financial meeting and carry out rectification, but this year, the conference, listed rectification action less.

announced the Post Courier before the withdrawal of IPO listing application materials. Courier industry experts have speculated that under the support of the policy, the postal courier for money requirements have not so urgent. At the same time, this time is not the service of the most criticized the best time to post courier.

in the name of the courier appeared in the China Securities Regulatory Commission to terminate the review list, the end of December 20th. In terms of postal express publicly said that the withdrawal of IPO is the company’s initiative to deal with market competition, strategic adjustment of the decision-making, and structural adjustment. Statistics show that China postal express logistics company was established in 2008, 2010 completed the shareholding reform, August 2011 to China Commission submitted a listing application issue, and in May 2012 by the fashenwei audit, plans to raise 9 billion 970 million yuan, but then IPO stagnation, company also repeatedly delayed.

however, according to the postal courier insiders, this year, the internal courier came out to suspend the IPO wind. The source said that in order to appear in the market, according to the listed company in accordance with the standards of internal control conference and financial reform, but this year, the listing of the rectification of the meeting, the action is less and less. In addition, the official also revealed that the Courier Post this year is likely to face performance, can not meet the listing requirements.

Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that since last May by the issuance examination committee of the audit, the postal courier began a series of adjustments to further seize market share. In January this year, the Post Courier integration of the original "e treasure" and post fast delivery of three economic products launched economic express; in September last year in some areas quietly after the price cuts, in August this year, in the face of China express the largest and the most intense competition for the "Yangtze River Delta" market, the post delivery price plunge 50% speed.

China Association of e-commerce logistics experts, Hansen, general manager of supply chain in the century, said Huang Gang, China Post Express to suspend the development of IPO favorable. Huang Gang said that as a result of state support, the post express may no longer need social capital, China’s first line of the market pattern has been set, not bad money in the courier does not need to use capital PK.

and express industry experts believe that the Courier Post termination of the listing of possible relationship with the audience in the eyes of "high quality and low price" impression. Turns in the price war, the courier industry profit rate has dropped from 20% in 2005 to about 3% today. Whether the buyer or the seller, though still concerned about the price, but the sensitivity has been reduced compared to last year, began to have quality of service requirements, "the post courier service to raise the price reduced by adjusting, in order to allow domestic private express delivery companies feel the pressure". Express Advisory Network chief consultant Xu Yong believes that the relevant laws and regulations imperfect, express line >

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