Female supplier comprehensive fashion, transformation and innovation have merit

books Dangdang, Taobao to buy clothes, buy cosmetics on jumei.com…… Needless to say we were to buy the products to the corresponding platform according to this idea, but in 2015, if you want to buy a piece of clothing is not only one choice, but there are many choices in the choice also in accordance with your grades and style to choose the right platform for shopping the.

Chinese version ZARA – beautiful said

for the number of businesses and users can be called "small Taobao" beauty, now has a custom clothing, after should be to the national chain brand in the direction of cooperation with the Tencent, said there is a beautiful and Taobao fight, not only to build brand, establish design team, production and cooperation the factory, obviously to Chinese version of ZARA direction.

the wind like fog and rain – mogujie.com


is somewhat unpredictable, although off Amoy has been after the "my buyers Street" as the theme, has an excellent team of buyers leading fashion, build businesses in social identity and sense of worship to stick to the consumers, but also from the beginning of this year, mogujie.com released goods directly in the user side, as if yet what constraints on businesses, so how to control the quality of loose conditions for businesses, and how to ensure the interests of consumers? Don’t want to do

micro shop?

corner overtaking – Star wardrobe

star wardrobe has been very quiet, always low-key do shopping guide platform, although the volume and popularity has been rising, but also not as beautiful as mogujie.com and directly off Amoy, and not easily block the way, but the transition location of star wardrobe is very clear, direct cooperation with the big brands, not agent cooperation, do high-end brands to avoid the existence of fake. Accurate positioning can attract users more accurately.

2015 fashion show 9 Jingdong Lacoste brand officially signed settled Jingdong, increase the fashion upstart temperament to Jingdong. All vip.com products sale platform in the last month to Vivienne Hu exclusive synchronous on-line fashion week T xiu. There are indications that the major electricity supplier platform to women’s fashion launched a work. The front said again, the transformation of the rugged road, the girl’s mind is the most difficult to guess, want to seize the minds of women’s fashion ultimately depends on the results of this year.

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