7 days return into the past Taobao sellers can be set up for up to 15 days


] September 2nd news billion state power network, billion state power network that the announcement by the day before Taobao launched the "return service commitment", to join the service sellers can set different service conditions for different products, such as service conditions set up shop one kind of goods for buyers in the seller within the promised time can be opened return, return postage by the buyers themselves.

in the announcement Taobao provides the following settings:

sellers set the relevant options, the product page commitment plate will appear related words.


at the same time, using the transaction agreed to return commitment to service members shall comply with the "Taobao service agreement" and "Taobao" rules should be in accordance with the relevant provisions, in addition to custom content agreement commitment to provide return service to buyers. Do not perform custom return service, according to the provisions of the Taobao rules contrary to commitments, each deduction four points.

currently supports the service category:

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