Chinese e-commerce will usher in a big leap

in the field of e-commerce, the United States is still the leader: there are 170 million Americans choose to shop online. However, China also "the economist" think not resigned to playing second fiddle, and has 145 million consumer groups China e-commerce, is expected to become the world’s most valuable e-commerce market in the next four years.

In the next four years, the first Chinese Internet shoppers will increase by an annual rate of $30 million and $1000 per person per year, according to a new report from the Boston based consultancy

. According to this estimate, by 2015, the proportion of China’s e-commerce retail sales will rise from the current 3.3% to 7.4%, while the United States to complete this upgrade has spent a period of ten years.

Boston consulting said that Chinese consumers choose online shopping is mainly due to physical retailers shopping is too expensive and inefficient. The report shows that 1/4 of Chinese customers on the Internet search products, because they can not find the relevant products in the physical store.

economist believes that the issue of payment and delivery, is the basis for the rapid development of e-commerce in china. Lack of trust is the biggest obstacle to the development of e-commerce. Consumers worry about online is a liar, a credit card can be used indiscriminately, its purchase of the product in the process of delivery will be ‘. ". However, the Alibaba created Alipay overcomes this problem. Boston consulting said that Alipay is a very good online management mechanism: eBay’s system is different — Alipay customers to confirm satisfied, put the money to the merchant." China’s express is also very cheap, the cost of assembling the package is only 1/6 U.S. companies need to pay u.s.."

Boston consulting found that Chinese consumers like online shopping is also a social media user base. It is precisely because they do not trust salespeople and advertising, will read a large number of customer reviews. Such comments are also popular on eBay and Amazon in the United States, but Chinese consumers are much more dependent on such comments than American consumers. The report shows that more than 40% Chinese shoppers on the Internet and product reviews, the United States is about two times.

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