Alipay’s ambition Chinese financial spoiler

Cao Jinling

[new technology tends to provide breakthroughs in financial services, Internet banking may have a disruptive impact on the banking system." An industry veteran told reporters that can not be ignored is that the technology revolution, individual behavior will become more influential, predictable Alibaba will bring a breakthrough in the financial services, and developed some new pattern in the development process, but it will also put forward new requirements of]


Alibaba as reflected in the "financial dream" is more and more obvious, perhaps as Ma himself said, "financial needs showstopper Chinese".

from now on Alipay account money can have benefits. Alipay officially launched the balance of treasure, the funds transferred to the balance of treasure is to purchase the appropriate financial products to fund companies and other institutions. Note that the "fund companies and other institutions," obviously, Celestica fund "increasedliberty Monetary Fund" is only the first step.


will continue in the short term to fund the company, now has other fund companies are seeking similar cooperation with alipay." A person close to Alipay on the "First Financial Daily" said.

spoiler bank


bank deposit or deposit Alipay? The first reaction of the people, is the balance of treasure investment income and the bank’s current interest compared.

One of the highlights of the balance of treasure

is: for the user’s minimum purchase amount is not limited, a dollar can buy. Alipay users mostly do not have too much financial experience of young people, these people is the goal of alipay. This is also consistent with the law of the 28 Alibaba has always insisted that the silence of the law of the eight adults.

then, this new product will attract more idle funds into alipay. Because the balance of funds can be used to online shopping, transfers, payment and other payment to Alipay, their profit and higher than bank deposit. According to Alipay, the same ten thousand yuan deposit, through a year’s income is only 35 yuan, and if the balance of value-added services of a year’s income can reach 380 yuan to 400 yuan, income is ten times higher than the current.

The risk for

, Alipay’s explanation is: Monetary Fund for investment in treasury bonds, bank deposits and other safe, stable income securities, in 2012 the domestic monetary fund annual yield of 7, the average is about 3.8%; overall, the International Monetary Fund as a fund products, the presence of loss is theoretically possible, but from the historical data and stable income risk is minimal.

has been in Alipay user account of the precipitation funds no gains, and Alibaba was prepared from the huge interest and the Fu Jinzhong questioned. Alipay has many feel injustice "".

Alipay is not willing to pay the interest payment, but the agencies’ interest ‘in the form.

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