Logistics warehousing, raw and fresh electricity supplier to get rid of competitors magic weapon

After the rise of

fresh electricity supplier, has always been big business busy layout small merchants shouting "state, this piece of blue ocean is obvious to people, even if there is a cold chain and commodity standardization difficulties and other factors, rising still can not prevent the fresh electricity supplier.

In addition to

continued to force the network I bought, SF preferred fresh professional platform, Tmall, Jingdong are hard to layout, Amazon has recently entered the fresh areas, even Shandong Airlines has also recently started to test the water fresh cold chain market, around the whole industry chain of fresh food industries have a fresh electricity supplier to.

in the field of fresh electricity supplier, logistics is a short board, how much food can not transport or deterioration due to logistics. In turn, the same logistics is also a competitive advantage from the fresh litchi war began in mid May, let SF preferred feel the speed advantage, in late May the festival chowhound also makes people sigh over SKU, I bought the network course, and the media moved into "food warehouse electricity supplier first, SF preferred speed winning, I bought a network storage in advance.

fresh electricity supplier logistics storage status

fresh electricity providers have their own strengths, and then can not escape the long storage of this link, even if the service can be served within 24 hours, but also to consider how the problem of storage. The bad mouthing the sound of fresh cold chain and mainly concentrated in the "last mile", common sense that fresh food must be fresh, fresh and fresh and do, either way, all cannot do without the awesome storage.

currently, fresh preservation has 2 main methods, one is with extreme speed, fast delivery to consumers, at present I bought net and other large SF preferred fresh electricity have been achieved; the second method is with strong storage capacity, the storage requirements are very high, need to be equipped with frozen zone and cold zone warehouse, in order to realize the demand of different temperature storage of fresh food, I bought the network in Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou warehouse, SF preferred in East China and Southern China warehouse, are used for the storage of fresh.

can be said to be fresh food storage to the next level, fresh electricity supplier has more stringent food transportation process, the basic realization of fresh electricity origin direct mining, origin direct mining is after purchasing storage and fresh products to consumers, full use of cold chain logistics at this stage. Offline channels without what preservation methods in transport, mostly in the mature before the start of picking and shipped around the center, the center put the fruit distribution to other traders, fruits and vegetables to reach the hands of consumers, are basically mature, so the transport process has been basically no fresh food for at all, it is also one of the reasons why the rise of fresh electricity.

storage capacity and order processing speed determines the cost of fresh electricity supplier

impression of the public, the warehouse is the storage of goods in the warehouse, in the logistics system, warehousing is the top priority, the inventory of the warehouse and fire prevention and security is the most basic, North China

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