B2C mall, lit up my fourth venture to set the lights

shuttle in luxury store looking at many gorgeous goods, and saw a lot of beautiful wearing beautiful girl, don’t stop looking at the goods. I was only a short while ago, I was stupefied, they belong to this kind of person, can be nine to five job, work to go to the mall, see the love of things, no matter the price tag number, will not hesitate to buy it, as long as you happy, then the quality of life can not be said to be the best however, medium or ease.

remember when did not graduate, but has set up a studio at that time, although not much, but I am in the Internet community Changchun ran some names when, at that time the master go out often and talk to customers, do things, but never take the bus, is by taxi, even we are together go to the red flag street barber, he will take a taxi, at that time really don’t understand why he always take a taxi, the bus is the same, but also save a lot of money. Now that the master and no contact, do not know how he had, he would remember that often when I’m at work, from time to time to humor me say: "like you, don’t stop to night work and study, it is easy to succeed". Hard work pays off, two years later, I also have a small achievement, a change of work, wages also rose up again, go to work every day, will take a taxi, where to go out is a taxi. I remember a time to play with my colleagues, not far way, I also called a taxi, he asked me very strange, why not take a bus. This sentence suddenly reminds me of two years ago, I thought about the problem, the original life itself makes me change the attitude of life, the perception of money.

with the passage of time, let me live dissatisfaction with the status quo, start a business, the first venture failed, never mind, at that time, I just lost the experience itself did not have much money, the second venture, failed again, never mind, I just lost money, their beliefs are not hit, third times entrepreneurship, also failed, this time is not only lose money, my confidence is heavy blow, downhearted, so he did not suspect that business, no business mind, since the work of the past few years, the first time lost business direction, in the infinite confusion. Then, a few months whether disease, take medicine and injections, disease is not good, I remember mother to accompany me to get a shot, inadvertently found her hair all white, no one is black, and I before the disease is completely two. My throat is pus. Say the words, my heart secretly swear, mother must have a rich life, he must let a person look up! Because wearing glasses, the mother did not see the tears in my eyes, I couldn’t attack, I admit, every time I think of my mother, I was not a strong man. In the meantime, there are a lot of friends, let me go to their company to do network planning, but also extraordinary some big companies and schools, conditions are good, but I have declined, because I have been standing on the hillside, I just want to climb to the top of the mountain in my own way. The creation of

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